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Become a Successful Tech Recruiter

We'll help you start your recruiting practice in only 3 months!

Start recruiting highly-demanded IT candidates part-time or full-time in the Technology industry:  DevOps, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Machine Learning engineers 100% remotelyβ€”Even if you've never worked in IT!

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High-tech startups are looking for certified IT recruiters who can help them fill these IT roles:

  • Cloud & DevOps – recruit platform engineers or Kubernetes administrators.
  • Data Engineering – recruit Data Scientists and Big Data specialists.
  • AI & ML – recruit Machine Learning engineers and AI researchers.
  • CyberSecurity – recruit security specialists.
  • Web Developers – recruit Java engineers and full-stack developers.
  • Enterprise ERP Systems – recruit MS Dynamics and PowerApps developers.

If you don't know the IT terminology yet, don't worry! We'll teach you everything you need to be successful.

Over the last four years, we've been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of individual freelance recruiters who transitioned to the Technology industry with no prior IT experience.

Today, you can join some of our partner organizations and start working for high-tech companies as a freelance tech recruiter, 100% remotely:

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We are here to help you become a professional Tech Recruiter.

  • If you'd like to work for high-tech companies, we can help.
  • If you'd like to earn $10k+ per month in commissions, we can help.
  • If you'd like to be your boss, we can help.

Our Freelance Partner Coaching Program offers:

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We are working under tight deadlines. If you are interested, ACT TODAY because next week the slots can be filled.


How This Program Works

  • We first create your custom Tech Recruiter ROADMAP that addresses your current gaps and outlines the Niche you’d focus on for the next 6 months. That gives us a detailed look at your skills, goals, and development needs.
  • Once you approve the Roadmap and start filling the knowledge gaps, we work with you 1-on-1 through our INTEGRATION Phase where you will get plugged into one of our partner brands, i.e. Pipeline Jack.
  • You'll get new sales materials, emails, business cards, and tools for you and share the first batch of prospective leads. You’ll start getting 1-on-1 coaching on how to connect with those leads, get more sales meetings booked, close clients, get their job req’s, and eventually place candidates for your new clients.
  • We will coach you 1-on-1 for three months to ensure you are on the right track and ready to make placements. You will have access to world-class training inside the Tech Recruitment Academy e-learning platform (3,000+ students enrolled from the US, CA, UK, several European countries, India, Singapore, and other countries).
  • In order to be selected for this program, you need to cover the setup and onboarding fee which includes training, coaching, and software (see below).

How Much You Can Earn πŸ’΅

If you start working for direct clients, you can invoice them anywhere from $8k to $25k for each hired IT candidate.

For very senior specialized or executive IT roles you can charge clients 25% out of $150,000.00 gross salary which would be $37,500.00 (higher end).

See invoices to clients from the US, UK, and EU countries for IT recruiting services:

Invoices for recruiting services

Freelance Recruiter Partnership & Coaching Program Details

Coaching Program Info

Coaching Program Fees

This Recruiting Coaching Program comes with a strong GUARANTEE.

The initial payment starts at only $3k and includes all coaching fees, tools, licenses, and 6-month 1-on-1 support.

  • Pay later the remaining fees from the commissions you earn
  • Installment plans are available with monthly payments

Guarantee 🀝

We are committed to your success because most of our fees are charged AFTER you become successful. We guarantee you'll get a candidate hired or you'll not pay us the remaining fees.

Apply To Get Started

We get a lot of applicants from the US, Canada, the UK, and several European countries who'd like to start working 100% remotely in the Technology industry and we cannot interview everyone who applies. We only invite selected applicants based on their responses.

Please apply ONLY if you can afford to pay the first onboarding installment fee.

  • If you are running low on cash and cannot afford to cover the onboarding costs, this professional Partnership & Coaching Program will not work.

Start with your email below and you'll be redirected to the application form:

Application Form