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Tech Recruiter STARTER Program

Become a certified Tech Recruiter. Learn how to start recruiting IT candidates, and work for high-tech startups and staffing agencies 100% remotely—even if you've never worked in IT before!

Only 15 mentoring seats are available at a time.
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High-Tech Startups Are Hiring Junior Technical Recruiters Who Can Help Them Find The Right IT Specialists

High-tech startups and international recruiting agencies look for junior technical recruiters who can headhunt IT candidates on social networks, online databases, and submit them for interviews:


Become a Certified Tech Recruiter Even If You Have Never Worked In IT!

Our proven Tech Recruiter Starter Program helps you learn everything there is to know about the IT recruiter job so you can go through interviews and get your first job in the Tech industry!

Hundreds of professionals completed our training programs and this is what they say:


Would you like to get into Tech Recruiting but you don't know where to start and you find the whole Tech space overwhelming?

Look, this is the best time to become a remote tech recruiter!

Even if you have NEVER worked in IT and you don't know the IT terminology yet, you can get a well-paying job in a high-tech company as a Junior Technical Recruiter or a Talent Sourcer:

‎2023-07 Remote Tech Recruitment Opportunities p19

There is a huge talent shortage in the IT job market around the world.

Companies need more and more IT professionals but they simply cannot find them.

Job boards don’t work anymore for IT roles because IT professionals have lots of opportunities even without applying on those job boards.

Companies have to hire more and more Talent Sourcers and Tech Recruiters to headhunt those IT professionals.

These technical headhunters are scouting social media and professional networks, and approach passive candidates on LinkedIn and elsewhere.

Technical recruiters are in HIGH DEMAND as well!

As a result, their salaries, bonuses, and commissions keep increasing!

And commission-only recruiters can earn EVEN MORE money because high-tech companies are willing to pay even US$20,000 or US$30,000 in success fees for each hired IT candidate.

What would your life be like if you could invoice $24,000 for one hired candidate?

Sounds crazy? Just look at one of my invoices:


And you can get IT candidates hired while you work remotely from the comfort of your home or a coffee shop.

Recruiters with good clients and decent talent pools can close 2-3 vacancies every month... so do the math!

Thad Greer from CTORecruiter has closed over 15 C-level IT vacancies in 2021 and his average commission was $30,000 per hired candidate! Isn't that crazy??

Look, global companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, Intel, Tesla, and others keep hiring IT recruiters.

Plus, international staffing agencies such as Manpower, Experis, REED, and Randstad are hiring Tech Recruiters as well.

They are literally throwing money at recruiters who can find and screen IT candidates!

If you’d like to transition to IT recruitment and take advantage of all these opportunities, we've got something special for you.


Worldwide educational program

Tech Recruiter STARTER Program is an online training course designed for business professionals, HR managers, IT specialists, stay-at-home parents, or anyone eager to explore the vast opportunities within the Tech industry.

Only 15 mentoring seats are available at a time.

What Kind Of Results Should You Expect From The Starter Program?


Understand Tech Basics

Learn the Tech jargon so you can understand and discuss IT jobs like a pro, and acquire foundational knowledge of key IT technologies, programming languages, trends, and the IT sector.


Find the Right Tech People

Learn to spot the tech experts that companies really want to hire. Become really good at finding candidates with the specific tech skills sought after in the industry.


Get Noticed by Candidates

Discover how to get techies interested and replying to your messages and cultivate the ability to communicate effectively with IT candidates.


Match Candidates With Vacancies

Learn shortcuts to match IT candidates with jobs faster than ever and master the art of evaluating IT candidates' skills, experience, and cultural fit.


Build Your Sourcing Portfolio

Get practical experience and work on placing your first candidates so you have a track record of successfully finding and placing IT candidates when you look for your next job.


Use The Right Software & AI Tools

Learn how to use popular ATS, start using smart tech tools that make finding great candidates simpler, and get introduced to AI tools that can be leveraged in tech recruitment.


Improve Your CV

Build your portfolio of sourcing projects on your LinkedIn and improve your Resume so you get invited for job interviews by high-tech companies or agencies looking for Remote Tech Recruiters.


Get a Better Remote Job

Nail your upcoming interviews for Remote Technical Talent Sourcer or Full-cycle Tech Recruiter vacancies and get the job you were dreaming of!

How Does The Starter Program Work?

The Starter Program equips you with everything you need to (re)start your career:

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  • Practice On Real Projects From Real Clients

    From sourcing to messaging, screening candidates, and promoting vacancies – master it all with hands-on examples, and learn from real-world situations and clients.

  • Prepare For Your Interviews

    Get ready for your upcoming interviews with hiring managers. We'll help you prepare so you can get the job you want!

  • Get a Tech Recruiter Job

    We train you so you can answer technical and industry questions the right way!

  • Join Expert Sessions LIVE On Zoom

    Dive deep with Michal Juhas, an internationally acclaimed tech recruitment expert, as he shares insights and strategies that can transform your recruitment process.

  • Learn Sourcing Tricks

    Watch and learn with screen share videos that give you a front-row seat to efficient sourcing methods.

  • Get Exclusive Access to our Tech Recruiter Community on Discord

    Collaborate, share, and grow with a community of like-minded professionals.

Only 15 mentoring seats are available at a time.

Enjoy Core Elements Of This Program

The Starter Program has four main elements that help you achieve your goals.


Daily Training & Exercises

You will receive daily content and engaging exercises designed to deepen your understanding of tech recruiting. This daily learning approach keeps you motivated and steadily builds the skills you need to excel in the field.


Work On Real Projects For Clients

You'll work on real job requirements and projects, giving you hands-on experience to apply your newfound knowledge to real-world scenarios. This ensures you're job-ready and capable of delivering results from day one.


Get Your Personal Mentor

Our expert mentors will provide you with personalized guidance and feedback, helping you navigate challenges, refine your skills, and build confidence in tech recruiting. This one-on-one support accelerates your learning process and fosters mastery of the subject matter.


Group Coaching & Community

Through group coaching sessions and our vibrant community, you'll have the opportunity to connect with your peers, share insights, and collaborate on solving complex recruiting challenges.

This creates a supportive network that continues to offer guidance and motivation even after the course ends, ensuring your ongoing success in tech recruiting.

Only 15 mentoring seats are available at a time.

Who Is This Program For?

The Tech Recruitment STARTER Program isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It's meticulously designed for professionals who'd like to get into the Tech industry.

HR Specialist

Get the know-how to confidently recruit in the tech industry.

Career Changer

Transition into tech recruiting, where you can leverage your technical expertise and boost your income.

Stay-at-Home Parent

Re-enter the workforce with a focus on tech can find flexible, valuable skills to become key players in tech recruiting.

Tech High Achiever

Let this program to be the perfect launchpad for your success in the high-tech job market.

Only 15 mentoring seats are available at a time.

What's Included? Everything You Need To Get Your Next Tech Recruiter Job!

This curriculum includes videos, walkthroughs, screenshares, and guided projects to help you get the right experience, build your project portfolio, and get the job you want!

  • Onboarding call and personalized growth plan: Hop on a call with tech recruitment experts to discuss your learning roadmap and the best way to maximize the outcome of this course.
  • 70+ mind maps with video tutorials: Get access to our best-selling mind maps with 30+ video tutorials that will help you understand the IT landscape.
  • Discord community: Ask questions throughout the course and network with other students and grads to grow your LinkedIn network.
  • Case studies: Get access to 90+ case studies that cover most of the IT roles.
  • Engagement with IT candidates: Practice sending messages to prospective candidates for real-world vacancies.
  • Technical Screening: Learn how to prepare for an interview with tech candidates.
  • Expert insights: Get access to a library of interviews with industry experts who share their recruiting best practices, tips, and tricks.
  • AI & ChatGPT: Learn how to use ChatGPT to help you with Boolean search queries, messages to prospective candidates, and post jobs on social media.
  • Your new resume: How to add your new skills to your resume (free template included!) to stand out when you apply for jobs.
  • Preparation for a job interview: Nail your tech recruiter interviews and excel on the job by using the right lingo. 
  • Certificate exam and Certificate of completion: Feature your new skills on your resume and your LinkedIn profile.
Only 15 mentoring seats are available at a time.

Group Training Sessions Schedule

Join us on Zoom LIVE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All lectures and Q&A sessions are held online. If you miss a lesson, you can view its recording in your personal account.


10:00am - 12:00pm (UTC-4)
New York, USA


3:00pm - 5:00pm (UTC+1)
London, UK


7:00pm - 9:00pm (UTC+4)
Dubai, UAE


11:00pm - 1:00am (UTC+8)

Use Your New Certificate To Get a Job

Here’s what your certificate and projects will look like on your LinkedIn profile:


The Tech Recruiting Industry Offers An Abundance Of Opportunities


Tech recruiters in the United States earn an average annual salary of $70,000 to $110,000, with experienced professionals commanding salaries exceeding $140,000, as reported by Glassdoor.

Unlock your earning potential with our advanced training!


Productivity gains of up to 30% have been observed when tech recruiters leverage advanced sourcing techniques and automation tools, according to a study by Deloitte.

Supercharge your productivity with our cutting-edge training modules.


LinkedIn's data shows that 78% of tech recruiters who invest in continuous learning and professional development opportunities, such as certifications and specialized training, advance to higher-level positions within two years.

Elevate your career prospects with our training programs!

...So Get A New Job And Enjoy A Typical Day In The Life Of A Remote Tech Recruiter!

Tech recruiting can be a typical corporate job in many ways. Some tech recruiter jobs are 9 to 5 hours, and others are more flexible. It all depends on your company and team!

Only 15 mentoring seats are available at a time.

Why Join Now?

In the fast-paced world of tech recruitment, timing is everything! The upcoming cohort offers a unique blend of opportunities and benefits that shouldn't be missed:

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Tech is evolving rapidly. By diving into this program now, you'll be armed with the latest strategies and tools, ensuring you're always one step ahead of your competition.

Limited Seats, Focused Attention

To maintain the quality and intimacy of our sessions, we cap the number of participants. Joining now guarantees your spot in this exclusive cohort, ensuring you get the attention and guidance you deserve.

Earn More Bonuses, Sooner

The sooner you refine your recruitment strategies, the quicker you'll see results. Faster fills, better candidate matches, and improved employer branding are just around the corner.

Network with the Best

The September cohort will bring together some of the brightest minds in tech recruitment. This is a golden opportunity to expand your network, forge meaningful connections, and learn from peers as passionate as you.

Only 15 mentoring seats are available at a time.

The STARTER Program Includes


The "Complete Tech Recruiter
Certification" Course

This is our best-selling course, learn more about it here.

Standard price: €399++
Included in this special offer

Self-Study Products Courses - Sales Thumbnails (5)

The "How To Get a Tech
Recruiter Job" Course

This is a very popular course among those looking for a new job, learn more about it here...

Standard price: €79++
Included in this special offer


Three Individual Calls
With Our Expert Mentors

45 min: Personal onboarding with career strategy coach (on Zoom)

30 min: Feedback about your CV & LinkedIn profile (on Zoom)

30 min: Preparation for an interview (on Zoom)

Standard price: 3 x €49 = €147++
Included in this special offer

How To Join

As of January 18, 2024, this program is available only for Academy members. Please choose one of the two packages below:

Academy Membership

Get unlimited access to all video courses, LIVE training programs, Zoom calls, and workshops.


Agency Accelerator

Get your team to perform at the next level. Activate membership for your team (5 annual licenses).


Meet Your Instructor

Learn Tech Recruitment with Michal Juhas, the international tech recruitment expert who has trained over 40,000 IT and HR specialists online.


Hi, I'm Michal Juhas!

As one of YouTube's leading tech recruitment influencers, my entire YouTube channel with 400+ videos and 30,000+ subscribers is full of free information detailing how to get started in Tech Recruitment.

I’ve also created a free tech recruitment course for anyone who needs minimal guidance to get started on their own.

Why? Because when I was the CTO and hired software engineers, I realized very few headhunters and recruiters actually knew anything about IT and IT roles. They couldn't help me hire the right IT candidates and when I moved from Thailand back to Europe, I decided to change it and started teaching HR specialists and recruiters the IT essentials.

Over the years, I trained over 40,000 IT and HR specialists online and on-site. I also run a staffing agency called Global Talents Hub as a Lead Tech Recruiter where I use the same principles, methods, and materials to onboard and teach new colleagues.

Now I know exactly what it takes, I'm sharing this with anyone else who wants to do what I do!

Our Tech Recruitment Certification Program was designed for people who want detailed, step-by-step guidance to learn everything you need to land a great Tech Recruitment job. My screenshares, webinar replays, walkthroughs, and hands-on practical exercises ensure you're ready for a new career in Tech Recruitment.

I believe we all deserve a career that pays us enough not just to survive but to thrive. All of my resources (free or paid) were designed to help you break into tech with Tech Recruitment so you can make the salary you deserve, achieve true work/life balance, and focus on what really matters in life.

Let's do this!

– Michal

We've Trained Recruiters Who Work In These Awesome Companies:


Jessica, USA:

Rashveen, USA:

Nathan, UK:

Alexander, USA:

Luisa, Switzerland:

Richard, Thailand:

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Join the Starter Today

Get the help you need to get your next job as an IT Talent Sourcer or Tech Recruiter. Join the upcoming Live sessions (on Zoom) and our community on Discord to exchange ideas and best practices.