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Welcome to the
Tech Recruitment Academy

We'll help you get a Tech Recruiter job in a high-tech company.

Start recruiting highly-demanded IT candidates  for technology startups, scale-ups, and software agencies 100% remotely. Even if you've never worked in IT before!

Transform your career with Tech Recruiting - it changed mine.

If we haven't met before - Hi, my name is Michal 👋

I've been navigating the dynamic world of IT since 2005.

My journey took a significant turn in 2018 when I stepped into tech recruiting, a decision that not only revolutionized my career but also the lives of countless IT professionals and companies I've worked with.

Starting with no clients and zero reputation in recruitment, I embarked on a challenging yet thrilling path.

I recall those early days, recruiting candidates for high-tech firms across the US, UK, Europe, Dubai, and even for EU government agencies. The journey wasn't easy, but the potential was enormous.

Fast forward to today, my team and I have successfully recruited over 90 IT candidates in the last two years for clients in the US, UK, EU, and Dubai.

Some clients pay up to 25,000 USD for a successfully hired candidate! That’s the kind of value and demand tech recruiters can command in today’s market.

I know, it's really crazy!


In 2020, I took a step further to demystify the IT world for my HR peers. I began creating mind maps, which, to my delight, have now been downloaded and purchased over 10,000 times!

This experience was the foundation for our flagship program - the Complete Tech Recruiter Course. It’s not just another course; it's a culmination of years of real-world experience, challenges, and triumphs.

It’s a program designed to make you a CONFIDENT TECH RECRUITER, one who understands the IT industry inside out and can become a true business partner to hiring managers and clients.

So, why am I telling you all this? Because I firmly believe that with the right guidance and knowledge, you can transform your career, too.

The Tech Recruiter Coaching Program isn't just about learning to recruit; it's about empowering yourself with a skill set that’s in high demand, offering you a world of opportunities, freedom, and, yes, lucrative financial rewards.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey with me?

Let’s dive into how the Tech Recruiter Coaching Program can be your gateway to success in the fascinating world of IT recruiting.

The Simple "Secret Formula" To Earning $20,000+ In Commissions For Hired Candidates

Over the last 5 years, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build a recruiting business in the Tech industry from scratch, find qualified candidates consistently, and monetize consistently.

I’ve spent thousands of hours working in the IT industry with IT pro's since 2005.

And I spent over $50,000 in job promotions to try and find the secret sauce that helps attract the right IT professionals. And while I’ve learned a hell of a lot of things (more on that later), the biggest thing I’ve learned is this:

There’s no secret to building a thriving recruiting career in Tech.

It’s just a matter of:

  • Understanding the IT world, IT roles, and IT jargon.
  • Building a talent pool of IT candidates in the right niches.
  • Connecting with businesses that are looking for specific IT talent.

That’s all it takes.

I guarantee that if you follow this 3-part formula, your life will change in ways you can’t imagine.

You’ll learn incredibly useful skills, you’ll make friends with amazing people from all over the world and you’ll start to generate REAL INCOME. You might even get messages from candidates about how you have changed their lives 😳

Why do so few recruiters actually succeed? It's one thing: The talent pool.

Becoming a successful Tech Recruiter is hard because it requires several skills and access to candidates. And unless you work for an agency, you don't have it.

This is where the Tech Recruiter Coaching Program steps in.

We bridge this gap by not only teaching you the essential skills needed for tech recruiting but also by providing you with strategies to tap into the rich, yet often elusive, IT talent pool.

Our program is designed to equip you with both the knowledge and the tools to identify, engage, and recruit top IT talent effectively.

We understand that the real challenge isn’t just finding candidates, it’s finding the right candidates – those who are the perfect fit for your clients’ specific needs.

With our comprehensive training, you'll learn how to navigate the complexities of the IT sector, understand the nuances of various roles, and master the art of making connections that lead to successful placements.

By the end of our course, you won’t just be a recruiter; you'll be an invaluable asset to both candidates and companies alike.

We'll save you countless hours because IT recruiting can be really hard!


Unclear job requirements

When you're new to IT recruiting, figuring out what a job really needs can be tough. Job ads often use technical terms and ask for a lot of different skills. It's hard to match these with the right candidate if you're not yet familiar with IT roles.


Talent sourcing

Finding the right people for IT jobs is like looking for a hidden treasure. For beginners, it's hard to know where to start or how to find people who are not just skilled but also interested in new job opportunities.


Talent matching

Matching a person to the right IT job is more than just looking at their skills. It's about understanding their career goals, personality, and how well they'll fit into a team. This is really hard if you're new and don't know much about different IT roles and company cultures.


Building the right talent pool

Creating a pool of potential candidates takes time and know-how. New recruiters often struggle to build this network. You need to keep in touch with a lot of people and know who might be right for different kinds of jobs. It's about more than just collecting resumes; it's about building relationships and understanding each candidate's unique skills and career aspirations.


Organizing interviews

Setting up interviews isn't just about scheduling. It's about preparing both the candidate and the company, and making sure they're a good match. This can be overwhelming if you're new and don't know what each side is looking for.


Staying up-to-date

The IT world changes fast. New technologies and job roles pop up all the time. Keeping up with these changes is hard, especially if you're just starting out in IT recruiting and don’t have a solid background in tech.

And even if you decide to tackle IT recruiting on your own, you'll have to balance this steep learning curve with your current job, personal life, and health, all while trying to avoid burnout.

It's not that you can't learn IT recruiting by yourself. I did, but it took me several years and a significant investment in time and money – over $50,000 in recruiting job Ads, training, and learning from industry experts.

Yes, information is abundant, from videos to online articles, teaching you the nuances of IT recruiting.

But wading through this sea of content could take you hundreds or even thousands of hours – hours spent learning, and even more hours applying these concepts.

And after all that, there's still a chance you might not get it right, leading to lost opportunities and no tangible results.

That's the hard path. But it doesn't have to be your path!

Just look at what Zoi wrote on Trustpilot:


So far, we helped 3,901 professionals like Zoi start recruiting IT professionals for high-tech companies.


"It's great if you're a green recruiter just learning the Technology stack. If you have a couple years of experience and work in the United States, you can see other ways job post are written, but from a more worldly point of view. You will be more interested in the Boolean searches and the Tech languages and Frameworks."

Steven Williams
Steven Williams, Global Talent Acquisition Manager, Ex-Meta, USA

"I was struggling with finding the most efficient way to source candidates. Michal helped with finding multiple ways to source candidates very efficiently. Michal has a technical background and later he became a recruiter, which made him understand both the technical and the recruitment side."

Mick Wognum, Lead IT Recruiter, Netherlands

"The amount of support from Michal and his team is unparalleled. They don't immediately assume technical knowledge but are able to adjust their conversation with you as you share your level of knowledge with them. I didn't feel talked down to and was given the opportunity to share what I knew/had learned throughout the course."

Rob Lockard, Sr. Recruitment Consultant, USA

📚 As Steven mentioned above, our courses are perfect for

Beginners with no experience in the IT industry

Learn everything from scratch and build a successful career in this fast-growing industry.

Intermediate HR and Talent Acquisition specialists

Learn about tactics and strategies that helped me get 90+ IT candidates hired by international clients.

Seasoned tech recruiters growing their teams

Get to know how to build an agency, grow the business, manage a recruiting team, and THRIVE in this industry.

The Tech Recruitment Academy condenses 18 years and thousands of hours in the IT industry into an immersive, interactive course.

I'll teach you everything about the IT sector and how to recruit IT candidates for high-tech companies so that you can start working for international clients, too.

By the end, you'll know how to find and onboard new clients and will be able to source and screen the right IT candidates for them.

The systems we’ve developed and which we teach in the course helped me and my colleagues get 90+ candidates hired by high-tech companies and EU government institutions.

And now you can get access to all these materials, mind maps, worksheets, and video tutorials!

This is a unique chance to see under the hood of our recruiting business and learn from those who recruit IT candidates every day and interact with IT hiring managers with confidence.

Plus, you can learn from other IT recruiting experts who have shared their wisdom within our community.

Okay, that's a lot of stuff!
But does the Tech Recruitment Academy actually work?

Here's how we've helped Beginners to shortcut their learning curve

Stephanie used to work as an educator and transitioned to the Tech industry. She enrolled in our course and got promoted at AWS Amazon Web Services!

Her managers were impressed because, within just a few weeks, she was able to get four software engineers hired. She now works on recruiting candidates for various technical roles such as Network Engineers, System Engineers, Help Desk/Service Desk Technicians, Full-Stack Developers, and Solutions Architects.

Stephanie - Testimonial Recommendation 900px v3

We have also helped Intermediate recruiters level up their career

Malay worked in recruiting for three years before he joined Tech Recruitment Academy. In April 2021, just when he finished his training, he got a well-paying job at Microsoft as a Technical Recruiter!

Malay Kapoor - Recommendation Testimnial v2

We have also helped Seasoned recruiters learn new strategies

Ferenc worked in the IT industry for 10 years before he joined our training and learned advanced strategies to find candidates.

Two of the candidates reached the offer stage which potentially helped him earn thousands of euros in commissions!

Ferenc Csonka - Recommendation Testimnial

Okay, I get it - the Tech Recruitment Academy is incredible.
But what’s actually in the course?
What do I get when I enroll?

Great question :) Here’s what your new Tech Recruiter Career Roadmap looks like:

📋 Step 1: Learn the IT terminology & IT roles

Embark on a journey to master the intricate landscape of the IT sector. In this foundational module, recruiters will unlock the keys to understanding the IT domain's most critical elements, from core roles to pivotal programming languages.

What's Inside:

  • 70 Comprehensive Mind Maps: Visualize the IT domain with ease and clarity, simplifying complex concepts into easy-to-understand diagrams.
  • Interactive Worksheets: Strengthen your grasp on the tech landscape through engaging exercises.
  • Quizzes & Challenges: Test your knowledge at every step, ensuring your readiness to engage with IT professionals effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • Demystify IT Jargon: Say goodbye to the confusion of tech speak. Become fluent in the terms and language used in the IT sector.
  • Decode IT Roles: Understand the nuances of various IT roles, their responsibilities, and skills. This knowledge ensures that you're speaking the same language as the candidates you're pursuing.
  • Deep Dive into Software Frameworks: Get a handle on the diverse range of software frameworks, helping you identify the best-fit candidates for specific tech roles.
  • Comprehend Programming Languages: Dive deep into the world of coding languages, ensuring you spot the right talent every time.

Transformative Benefits:

  • Boost Confidence: Engage in technical discussions with clarity and conviction. Never again feel out of depth when conversing with IT candidates.
  • Enhance Efficiency: Speed up the recruitment process by instantly recognizing candidate qualifications and alignment with job requirements.
  • Elevate Credibility: Earn the respect of IT professionals by showcasing a deep understanding of their domain.

Your Evolution as a Tech Recruiter:

By completing this module, you will not just be a recruiter; you'll become a Tech Recruiter Specialist. Position yourself as the go-to expert in IT recruitment, stand out in the industry, and watch as top IT professionals gravitate towards you.

This module will unlock unparalleled expertise in IT recruitment!

🎯 Step 2: Choose your micro-niche & commit

Embark on a journey of specialization with Step 2 of our Freelance Tech Recruiter Program. In a world brimming with opportunities, the key to standing out is not just what you know, but how well you know it. This is why we dedicate an entire step to helping you find your micro-niche within the tech recruiting field.

Why a Micro-Niche?

A micro-niche allows you to become a recognized expert in a specific area. It means fewer competitors and a clearer target market. Whether you're passionate about sourcing software developers, have a knack for networking with data scientists, or are intrigued by the innovation in artificial intelligence, finding your micro-niche is the first step towards becoming a sought-after specialist.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understanding the Landscape: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the different areas within tech recruiting. Learn the ins and outs of various sectors such as software development, cybersecurity, and cloud computing.

  • Assessing Your Strengths: We help you identify your unique skills and interests to find a niche that not only needs experts but excites you too.

  • Market Demand Analysis: Learn to analyze market trends and demands to ensure the niche you choose has a growing need for specialist tech recruiters.

  • Commitment Strategies: Discover effective strategies to commit to your niche, including how to build your knowledge base, establish your brand, and network effectively within your chosen field.

What You Will Achieve:

By the end of this step, you will have confidently selected your micro-niche within the tech industry. You will understand the importance of specialization and have a clear plan for becoming the go-to recruiter in your chosen area. With our guidance, you will start laying the foundations for a successful and rewarding career as a freelance tech recruiter.

Why This Step Is Crucial:

Choosing and committing to your micro-niche is not just about narrowing your focus; it's about amplifying your impact. By becoming an authority in a specific domain, you increase your value, demand higher fees, and build stronger relationships with both clients and candidates.

Join us in Step 2 of our Freelance Tech Recruiter Program and transform from a generalist into a specialist. Start your journey to becoming a pivotal part of the tech industry’s growth, one expert placement at a time.

👬 Step 3: Build your talent pool – the "Hireable 500" list

Crafting a Ready-to-Deploy Reserve of IT Talents

Every seasoned recruiter understands the value of a well-curated talent pool. Dive into the nuances of creating your very own database—a reservoir teeming with prospective IT candidates, primed for swift outreach and deployment.

What's Inside:

  • The Anatomy of a Talent Pool: Grasp the intricacies of creating and maintaining an efficient database tailored for swift searches.
  • Accelerated Outreach: With direct contact details in your arsenal, bypass the wait of cold outreach on platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Focused Role Challenge: Embrace a transformative challenge where you'll choose a standard IT role and strategically connect with potential candidates, elevating your talent pool strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Proactive Recruitment: Move from reactive sourcing to proactive engagement, reaching out to candidates with opportunities even before they start their job search.
  • Faster Placements: With a well-crafted talent pool, reduce the time between receiving a job order and presenting a qualified candidate.
  • Personalized Outreach: With firsthand knowledge about your candidates, curate messages that resonate on a personal level, increasing your engagement success.

Transformative Benefits:

  • Swift Responses: Enjoy the luxury of quicker responses by directly reaching out to potential candidates, leading to expedited hiring processes.
  • Streamlined Processes: Minimize the back-and-forth and uncertainty of cold outreaches with a database primed with interested and vetted candidates.
  • Strategic Recruitment: Strategically grow your talent pool with focused roles, ensuring you always have a repository of the most sought-after candidates.

Your Evolution in Tech Recruitment:

By the end of this module, you'll not just be a recruiter; you'll be a strategic talent pool curator. You'll be armed with a robust database, ensuring you're always a step ahead in the dynamic world of tech recruitment.

Take the leap from passive to proactive recruitment. Start building your talent pool today and stay ahead of the curve!

👑 Step 4: Re-brand your LinkedIn profile

Crafting a Stellar Personal Brand in the Tech Recruitment Space

In an age where your digital footprint speaks volumes, personal branding isn't a luxury—it's a necessity. Equip yourself with the skills to impeccably present your professional journey, ensuring every candidate
and client interaction starts with inherent trust
and confidence.

What's Inside:

  • LinkedIn Profile Masterclass: Deep dive into optimizing every segment of your LinkedIn profile—from headline to endorsements—ensuring it resonates with authority and expertise.
  • Showcasing Assets & Achievements: Discover how to spotlight crucial certifications, accomplished projects, and other professional assets in a manner that boosts your credibility manifold.
  • Personal Branding 101: Understand the principles of personal branding tailored for tech recruiters, ensuring your profile doesn't just inform, but impresses and persuades.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced Credibility: Elevate your online persona, ensuring every prospective candidate or client interaction starts on a foundation of trust.
  • Magnetic Professional Presence: Curate a LinkedIn profile that not only informs but attracts and retains attention, setting you apart from the sea of recruiters.
  • Showcase of Expertise: Learn the art of strategically highlighting your accomplishments, making them easily discoverable and impactful.

Transformative Benefits:

  • Increased Engagement: A powerful personal brand means more responses, more discussions, and more successful collaborations.
  • Client & Candidate Confidence: Present a profile that reassures clients of your expertise and convinces candidates of your genuine intent and capability.
  • Competitive Edge: In a saturated market, let your personal brand be the differentiator, propelling you to the top of the preferred recruiter lists.

Your Digital Makeover in Tech Recruitment:

By the end of this module, your digital presence will no longer be just a profile; it'll be a brand—a beacon of your expertise, commitment, and capability in the tech recruitment arena.

It's not just about who you are, but how you present yourself. Perfect your personal brand and watch opportunities flock to you!

📜 Step 5: Create content for your niche audience

Unlock the power of targeted content with Step 5 of our Freelance Tech Recruiter Program. In the digital age, content is more than just information; it's the currency of engagement. By creating compelling, relevant, and valuable content, you position yourself as a thought leader in your niche, attract the right audience, and build trust with both candidates and clients.

Why Content Creation?

Content creation is an essential strategy for establishing your brand, demonstrating your expertise, and staying top of mind in your niche. It’s about sharing your knowledge and offering value that resonates with your specific audience, thereby enhancing your visibility and credibility in the tech recruiting industry.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understanding Your Audience: Learn how to define and understand your target audience's needs, challenges, and aspirations to create content that speaks directly to them.

  • Content Strategy Development: Master the art of crafting a content strategy that aligns with your personal brand and business goals, helping you to consistently produce relevant and engaging content.

  • Types of Content: Explore the various types of content—from blog posts and articles to videos and podcasts—and how to use them effectively to engage your niche audience.

  • Content Optimization and Promotion: Discover the secrets of SEO to make your content easily discoverable. Learn how to promote your content through social media, email marketing, and other channels to maximize reach and engagement.

What You Will Achieve:

By the end of this step, you will be able to create a content calendar filled with high-quality, targeted content that engages your niche audience. You'll know how to produce various types of content that showcase your expertise, answer your audience's questions, and address their needs. You'll also have strategies in place to distribute and promote your content to maximize its impact.

Why This Step Is Vital:

Content is not just king; it's the key to building lasting relationships in your niche. By providing consistent value through your content, you become more than just a recruiter; you become a trusted advisor and industry leader. This trust translates into stronger, more meaningful connections with both clients and candidates, setting you apart from the competition.

Embark on Step 5 of our Freelance Tech Recruiter Program and begin crafting content that captivates your niche audience. Elevate your brand, demonstrate your expertise, and connect with your community in ways that are both meaningful and measurable.

🧲 Step 6: Get the first (or next) client to work for

Unlocking the Art of Securing Tech Recruitment Projects

In the freelance tech recruitment realm, your next big project is only as good as your client acquisition strategy. Step into the world of strategic client outreach, where every message
is an opportunity, and every conversation a
potential partnership.

What's Inside:

  • Strategic Acquisition Blueprint: Delve deep into tried-and-tested client acquisition strategies tailored for the tech recruitment space.
  • Community-Powered Insights: Engage in invaluable discussions on our Discord platform, where collective experience translates into actionable insights.
  • Prospecting Done Right: Benefit from real-world examples—both, messages we send to potential clients and those we receive—ensuring you understand the do's and don'ts of impactful outreach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Expert Outreach Techniques: Navigate the intricacies of framing pitches that not only capture attention but also hold it.
  • Real-World Practice: With our practical focus, step into the shoes of both the prospecting recruiter and the prospective client, ensuring your outreach stands out.
  • Community Collaboration: Capitalize on the collective knowledge of a vibrant community, ensuring you're armed with insights from varied experiences.

Transformative Benefits:

  • Consistent Project Flow: With effective client acquisition strategies, ensure your project pipeline is consistently robust.
  • Elevated Response Rates: Craft messages that resonate, ensuring your outreach garners the attention and response it deserves.
  • Collaborative Growth: Engage with peers, learn from their experiences, and refine your strategies, driving mutual growth.

Your Gateway to Client Acquisition Mastery:

Post this module, you won’t just be an exceptional tech recruiter; you'll be a strategic business developer, perfectly balancing the art of recruitment with the science of client acquisition.

Step beyond recruitment; become a strategic partner. With targeted outreach and community-powered insights, ensure your next big project is always around the corner.

🧠 Step 7: Analyze your client's job requirements thoroughly

The secret to successful tech recruitment lies not just in understanding the IT domain, but in accurately interpreting the requirements of IT roles. Dive deep into the essence of IT job descriptions and emerge with the proficiency to dissect and analyze them to the finest detail.

What's Inside:

  • Real-World Case Studies: Learn from practical scenarios, illustrating the art of reading between the lines in IT job requirements.
  • 20 Specific Mind Maps: Armed with incisive questions, these mind maps become your toolbox in dissecting job descriptions and extracting crucial details.

Key Takeaways:

  • Master Job Description Analysis: Get to the core of what hiring managers are looking for, ensuring a perfect match every time.
  • Craft Tailored Questions: Use your deep understanding to frame insightful questions, enhancing the clarity and depth of your discussions with hiring managers.
  • Transition from Recruiter to Advisor: Elevate your position from just a recruiter to a trusted IT hiring consultant.

Transformative Benefits:

  • Achieve Precision in Recruitment: Minimize mismatches and misunderstandings by aligning candidates perfectly with job requirements.
  • Forge Stronger Partnerships: With your enhanced skills, be perceived as an indispensable asset by IT hiring managers.
  • Earn Advisory Status: Guide hiring managers with your expertise, helping them refine their requirements and attracting the best IT talents.

Your Evolution in the IT Recruitment Journey:

Upon completing this module, you'll become more than just a recruiter; you'll be an IT Job Analysis Expert. Establish a reputation for excellence, making both candidates and hiring managers rely on your keen insights and expertise.

Deepen your analytical prowess in IT recruitment. Enroll now and revolutionize your approach!

🔎 Step 8: Find qualified candidates

Master the Art of Finding IT Talents

The heart of recruitment lies in discovering the perfect talent. Dive into the intricate world of IT candidate sourcing and harness the strategies and tools that will turn you from a seeker into a finder.

What's Inside:

  • Advanced Boolean Search Techniques: Navigate the vast online talent ocean with precision, using finely-tuned search queries.
  • Common Search Mistake Awareness: Steer clear of pitfalls and dead-ends by understanding where others commonly go wrong.
  • Ultimate Sourcing Webinar Library: Access an unparalleled collection of over 80 in-depth webinar replays, each diving deep into the nuances of sourcing IT candidates for various roles.

Key Takeaways:

  • Efficient Sourcing Strategies: Unlock methods to streamline your search process, cutting down time without compromising quality.
  • Boolean Search Mastery: Use logical and strategic searches to zero in on the ideal IT candidates every time.
  • Engaging Outreach Techniques: Learn the art of crafting compelling messages that grab the attention of IT professionals.

Transformative Benefits:

  • Enhanced Discovery: No more long hours spent on fruitless searches. Find the right IT talents swiftly and efficiently.
  • Increased Response Rates: Through engaging outreach methods, witness a surge in positive responses from potential candidates.
  • Continuous Learning: With the vast library of webinars, always stay updated with the latest sourcing strategies and trends.

Your Elevated Status in IT Recruitment:

Completion of this module doesn't just add to your skills—it transforms you into an IT Sourcing Maestro. Stand out with your efficient and effective sourcing methods, making you the top choice for businesses and candidates alike.

Elevate your sourcing game to unparalleled heights. Dive in now and make every search count!

📣 Step 9: Get your candidates excited

Harness the Power of Persuasion for Top IT Talents

In a market overflowing with opportunities for IT professionals, your engagement strategy is the key to standing out. Delve into the intricacies of IT candidate psychology and craft messaging that not only piques their interest but also compels them to respond.

What's Inside:

  • IT Candidate Psychology Deep Dive: Understand the core motivations, aspirations, and preferences of IT professionals, setting the foundation for tailored engagement.
  • Engaging on LinkedIn: Learn the dos and don'ts of LinkedIn messaging, ensuring your outreach stands out amidst the crowd.
  • Crafting Compelling Emails: Harness the power of email by understanding the perfect structure, tone, and content that makes IT professionals click.
  • Real-World Engagement Scenarios: Benefit from hands-on learning through authentic case studies, examples, and message breakdowns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Psychology-Driven Engagement: Craft messages based on a deep understanding of what resonates with IT talents, ensuring they see the value in every opportunity you present.
  • Maximize Response Rates: Through strategic and insightful engagement, increase your chances of securing positive and enthusiastic responses from top candidates.
  • Practical Insights: By analyzing real-world engagement scenarios, refine and perfect your outreach methods.

Transformative Benefits:

  • Break Through the Noise: In a saturated market, ensure your messages don’t just reach IT professionals—they captivate them.
  • Elevated Conversations: Engage IT candidates in deeper, more meaningful discussions about opportunities, fostering trust and rapport.
  • Increased Placement Success: With a stronger engagement strategy, witness a surge in successful job placements.

Your Newfound Edge in IT Recruitment:

Upon concluding this module, you won't just be reaching out—you'll be truly connecting. Transcend the barriers of conventional recruitment and emerge as an IT Engagement Expert, making every message and outreach effort count.

Transform your IT recruitment engagement. Enroll now and connect with confidence!

⭐️ Step 10: Screen IT candidates and assess technical and cultural fit

Navigating the Crucial Phase of Recruitment with Precision

The pivotal moment in IT recruitment is the screening and interview process. Transform the way you assess IT candidates, ensuring you identify not just skills but the right fit. With the right tools and insights, become the gatekeeper who ensures only the best talents move forward.

What's Inside:

  • Deep Dive into Common IT Roles: Gain clarity on the key responsibilities, skills, and expectations for the most prevalent IT roles.
  • Expert Interview Techniques: Learn to steer video call interviews effectively, ensuring you extract valuable insights every time.
  • Screening Best Practices: Develop a sharp eye to spot potential red flags, making certain you only invest time in the most promising candidates.
  • Real-World Screening & Interview Scenarios: Experience firsthand through genuine case studies, direct call examples, and insightful candidate reports curated by Michal Juhas, the renowned tech recruitment expert.

Key Takeaways:

  • Efficient Pre-Screening: Avoid the pitfalls of time-consuming mismatches by quickly identifying and filtering out unsuitable candidates.
  • Confident Interviewing: Bolster your interviewing skills to engage, assess, and judge IT candidates' suitability with unwavering confidence.
  • Detailed Candidate Reporting: Understand how to synthesize interview insights into comprehensive reports, paving the way for informed hiring decisions.   

Transformative Benefits:

  • Maximized Recruitment ROI: Ensure that every candidate you forward is worth the investment, boosting your success rate and credibility.
  • Elevated Candidate Insights: Dive deeper into conversations, extracting invaluable information that goes beyond just the CV.
  • Strengthened Decision-Making: With detailed reports and insights, provide hiring managers with the clarity they need to make the best hiring choices.

Your Mastery in IT Recruitment:

Completing this module transforms you into an IT Screening & Interview Virtuoso. The ability to discern, engage, and assess candidates effectively ensures that your role becomes indispensable in the recruitment chain, making every effort prior to this stage count.

Perfect the art of IT candidate assessment. Enroll now and ensure every interview is a step closer to the perfect hire!

🛠️ Step 11: Use new AI tools and set targets

Amplify Your Recruitment Efforts with the Right Tools

In the fast-paced world of tech recruitment, having the right set of tools can make the difference between a successful hire and missed opportunities. Dive into this module to discover, evaluate, and adopt the
latest and most effective tools, as endorsed by
a thriving community of recruitment experts.

What's Inside:

  • Curated Tool Recommendations: Unveil a collection of tools that seasoned recruiters swear by, taking the guesswork out of the selection process.
  • Hands-on Exploration: Take on the challenge to try out some of these tools, signing up for trials, and identifying what aligns best with your unique recruitment style.
  • Community Feedback Loop: Benefit from the collective experience, with insights and reviews on how different tools have aided peers in their recruitment journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Tool Adoption: Elevate your recruitment processes by integrating tools that enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Informed Choices: Navigate the myriad of available tools with confidence, thanks to community-backed recommendations.
  • Immediate Application: Dive straight into trials, ensuring you get a firsthand experience and can swiftly determine the best fit for your needs.

Transformative Benefits:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Streamline and automate various stages of the recruitment process, ensuring more is achieved in less time.
  • Cost & Time Efficiency: By leveraging the right tools, significantly reduce both the time and costs associated with finding the ideal candidate.
  • Continual Learning: Stay updated with the ever-evolving recruitment tool landscape, ensuring you're always a step ahead in the game.

Your Toolkit to Tech Recruitment Excellence:

Upon completing this module, you'll not only be equipped with knowledge but also practical experience of the tools that are reshaping the recruitment arena, ensuring you’re always at the pinnacle of your game.

Tools aren't just utilities; they're force multipliers. Equip yourself with the best to elevate your recruitment journey. Dive in now!

🏋️‍♀️ Step 12: Increase your productivity

Elevate Your Recruiting Game with Expert Perspectives

Beyond tools and techniques, there's a realm of insights, strategies, and mindsets that shape the best in the recruitment industry. Dive deep into candid conversations with the industry's leading

luminaries, drawing from their rich experiences, successes, and learnings.

What's Inside:

  • Exclusive Expert Interviews: Engage with over 20 insightful conversations featuring recruitment specialists, agency owners, and HRTech product managers.
  • Broad Spectrum of Topics: From sourcing and screening to interviewing and staying resilient, explore multifaceted dimensions of the recruitment industry.
  • Balancing Skill and Spirit: While the interviews are brimming with industry best practices and productivity hacks, they also shine a light on nurturing a positive mindset amidst the challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Expanded Knowledge Horizons: By tapping into the collective wisdom of industry trailblazers, discover nuanced approaches and innovative solutions.
  • Productivity Unlocked: Embrace proven strategies and shortcuts, ensuring you're always working smarter, not just harder.
  • Mindset Resilience: Gain tools and perspectives to maintain an upbeat and positive attitude, even when faced with the inevitable setbacks of the recruitment world.

Transformative Benefits:

  • Elevated Professionalism: Infuse your recruitment practices with tried-and-tested techniques and strategies straight from the pros.
  • Balanced Workflow: Merge productivity with positivity, ensuring a holistic approach to your recruitment tasks.
  • Continuous Growth: Even as an optional module, it's a goldmine for those committed to refining and expanding their recruitment prowess.

A Glimpse into the Minds of the Best:

While this module is optional, it's an unparalleled opportunity for high-achievers to get up close and personal with industry stalwarts, absorbing their wisdom and integrating it into their professional journey.

Dive deep into the reservoir of expert wisdom. Equip, enlighten, and empower yourself for a successful recruitment journey like no other!

You'll also get an opportunity to book individual 1-on-1 mentoring & coaching calls

We know it's not just about the content you study. You need to PRACTICE and get feedback.

That's why we invite our Academy members to book individual, one-on-one calls on Zoom.


Individual 1-on-1 Mentoring Calls

Individual Personal Branding & LinkedIn Coaching (30 min)

Your personal brand is essential in IT recruiting. In this call, your mentor will provide constructive feedback on your Resume and LinkedIn profile, key tools in your professional arsenal. This session is crucial for building your presence and credibility in the IT recruiting world.

Individual Client Intake Mentoring (30 min)

Understanding client needs is crucial in IT recruiting. In this session, we'll dive into the art of client intake. I’ll walk you through the process of extracting key information, understanding client expectations, and how to manage these relationships effectively. This call is about equipping you with the skills to become a recruiter who truly understands and delivers on client needs.

Individual Talent Sourcing Mentoring (30 min)

Finding the right talent is a skill in itself. During this call, your mentor will guide you through strategies for talent sourcing. You’ll learn how to identify and engage potential candidates, use different platforms effectively, and set yourself apart in reaching out to top talent. This hands-on advice is invaluable for honing your sourcing skills.

Individual Candidate Screening Mentoring (30 min)

Screening candidates is more than just ticking boxes. In this session, I’ll teach you how to conduct effective screenings, understand candidate potential beyond their resumes, and gauge their fit for specific roles. This call is key to developing your intuition and judgment in selecting the right candidates for your clients.

And you'll join our LIVE training calls

Join Michal Juhas LIVE on Zoom to see how to find candidates for open vacancies.

You'll have lots of opportunities to ask questions and learn LIVE from industry experts and practitioners.


Screen Share Group Calls

Join our LIVE calls on Zoom (45 min)

You can choose to join some of our group calls:

  • Sourcing call - our most popular screen share training where Michal Juhas chooses the most recent IT job description and searches for qualified candidates.
  • Q&A call - a Q&A session to answer your questions
  • Role play call - a 45-minute session to practice screening candidates.

Learn from industry experts and top billers

Get immediate access to a unique collection of private videos where TOP tech recruiters explain how to make it work in Tech. These videos are cut from 30+ interviews so you can focus only on the best parts and key insights.

Private videos screenshots - Top Tech Recruiter 1
Private videos screenshots - Top Tech Recruiter 2

Practice with REAL job requirements

We collected 100+ job descriptions from high-tech startups, software development companies, and European government agencies. You can practice and if you get stuck, watch a video tutorial to help you get unstuck.

Search queries - list of job descriptions

Practice With PAST Job Requisitions

Analyze some of 100+ real job requirements from international clients, find IT professionals, and get feedback.

You'll get access to 100+ job descriptions from our clients with detailed guides and 40+ minute screen share videos.

These job descriptions are separated into three categories:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Advanced

You can practice finding candidates and verify your search strategy with our detailed video guide.

Most importantly: Get a chance to earn money by submitting candidates to our clients

High-tech startups, software development companies, and European government agencies upload new vacancies and pay commissions for hired candidates. This is your chance to practice, practice, and practice!


Practice With LIVE Job Requisitions From International Clients

Find IT professionals, submit them to high-tech companies, and earn generous commissions for each hired IT professional.

Our partner organization, Global Talents Hub, has several LIVE open job requirements from our US, UK, and EU clients.

You can practice with these open job requisitions and earn generous commissions for a candidate who gets hired.

To support you on this journey, we organize a sourcing call on Zoom every Thursday where our mentors explain how to find suitable candidates for these vacancies.

And that's why our training is the most practical, hands-on training you can get on the market.

Practice makes perfect

"Thanks to the 100+ practical exercises and LIVE job descriptions, this is the most practical and hands-on training on the market!"
Michal Juhas
Michal Juhas, Co-Founder, Tech Recruitment Academy

The #1 Choice For Ambitious Tech Recruiters

Our Full-Cycle Tech Recruiter Certificate Course will teach you everything you need to communicate with technical hiring managers and IT candidates. Your credibility will increase thanks to the certificate.


Add the certificate to your CV & LinkedIn

This is the standard course for recruiters to master tech, taken by hundreds of recruiters at companies like Accenture, Experis, Manpower, AWS, Randstad, Iventa, MichaelPage, Philips, and many others.

Stand out from the crowd

Become more tech-savvy to win the trust of tech candidates and hiring managers, so you close more roles. We break down technical topics into easy-to-understand, familiar models.

Practical Projects & Exercises

Our instructors and mentors are full-time recruiters who have years of experience recruiting IT candidates. You'll work on real-world projects and gain priceless experience!

5-star TrustPilot Rating

87% of recruiters gave our course a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Why? Because it's designed specifically for tech recruiters to learn about tech

How much does this cost?

For context, you could pay $20,000 for a private business consulting workshop on-site with my colleagues.

You could also pay $7,995 to sign up for our online Agency Accelerator Program.

The other way to put our prices into context is to think of it as an investment in your career and recruiting business. Investing some money in saving time and increasing your odds of success seems like a no-brainer. Especially given (a) how much your life can change, and (b) how much money you stand to make if your recruitment practice takes off 🤷

Anyway, enough spiel - here's the price.

Job Search Coaching Program


Installment plans are available.

Your membership includes e-learning portal access:

  • 🧠 The Core Tech Recruiter Curriculum - 30+ hours of our best video courses, including the Complete Tech Recruiter Certification Course, teaching you everything we know about IT recruiting, from getting started, the must-know IT terminology, all the way through onboarding new clients, and sourcing the right candidates.
  • 📘 Mind Maps - Annual access to our best-selling product, the mind maps, including 30+ video tutorials.
  • 📚 TRA Bonus Modules - Annual access to the Sourcing Library which includes 100+ advanced tutorials and is the greatest resource of technical sourcing tutorials.
  • 📕 Our TRA Worksheet - This Excel spreadsheet includes 12 challenges and a detailed roadmap. It is a digital supplement to the course that breaks down each of the lessons into exercises you can use to consolidate the learnings into actions that will supercharge your growth.
  • 🎓 Certification Exam - get your certificate, feature it on your LinkedIn profile, and immediately boost your credibility. Hiring managers will finally take you seriously!

Plus INDIVIDUAL calls with Michal Juhas and his team:

  • One 1-on-1 onboarding call on Zoom with Michal Juhas (30 min)
  • One 1-on-1 talent sourcing call with your mentor (60 min)


  • Five 1-on-1 coaching calls on Zoom with Michal Juhas to discuss:
    • Your branding – what's the best way for you to position yourself on LinkedIn to get a job?
    • Your resume – how to fix your CV?
    • Your skills – what should you learn to get a job?
    • Your talent pool – what's the easiest way for you to find candidates and get them hired?
    • Your job search strategy – what's the best course of action to get a job?

Plus PRACTICE projects:

  • Get access to 100+ past job requisitions with detailed sourcing guides so you can get practical experience and try to find candidates before you get your client.
  • Get access to LIVE job requisitions from REAL clients so you can get more practical experience, submit suitable candidates to international clients, and earn generous commissions for hired candidates.


  • Get access to our community channel on Discord


  • 100+ key insights from podcasts and guest speakers (short & sweet video cuts)
  • VIP invites to our workshops with guest speakers
  • Email or WhatsApp support with our customer success manager

Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I need to have previous experience with IT or HR/recruiting?

No, the Starter program is for people who have zero experience in either the IT industry, recruiting, or both.

Our graduates include a former English teacher, a mother on maternity leave, or a model who was looking for a part-time job.

Do I get access to the certification course?

Yes, the Complete Tech Recruiter Certification Course plays a key part in our programs (Starter, Booster, and Bounty Hunter) and is included in this membership, of course.

I already have experience with recruiting, is this course for me?

Yes, you can skip the Starter Program and start with the Booster or Bounty Hunter instead. Both are included in this membership.

Once you join, you'll take a self-assessment quiz, book an onboarding call, and we'll advise on the most appropriate learning path for you.

With the Booster Program, you'd increase productivity and work towards getting promoted internally.

With the Bounty Hunter Program, you'd start working as a freelance consultant in a commission-only network or onboard your clients.

Can I just purchase the self-study course?

We don't sell the course separately to individuals at this point. All our courses are included in this Academy membership, together with LIVE calls and 1-on-1 individual mentoring calls.

If you run an agency and need several licenses for your colleagues, please reach out via email at and we'll discuss your needs. 

How much time do I need for this course?

The self-study course is self-paced so you can spend as much time as you can squeeze in your busy week. It takes about 40 hours to complete the Complete Tech Recruiter Certificate Course.

Then, you can continue with our advanced courses and book 1-on-1 individual mentoring sessions.

You can also join LIVE sessions at your convenience:

  • On Tuesday at 4 PM CET (different topics)
  • Q&A session on Tuesday at 5 PM CET
  • Sourcing webinar on Thursday at 5 PM CET

CET = Central European Time (Prague, Czech Republic)

Do I get access to both Starter and Booster programs?

Yes, with this annual Academy membership, you'll get access to Starter, Booster, and Bounty Hunter programs so you can start with no experience and work for international high-tech companies within a few months as a recruitment consultant.

Can I take a certification exam with this membership or do I need to purchase it separately?

It is included in this membership. As soon as you complete modules 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, you can take the certification exam.

Can you also help me when I start applying for jobs?

Yes, our dedicated course How To Get a Job would teach you how to use your certificate and projects to increase your credibility. You will also book an individual career coaching call with Michal Juhas to review if you are ready for interviews.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, of course, you can enter your company details during the checkout. You will receive an invoice via email and can forward it to your accountant or manager.

Can I pay with a bank transfer, PayPal, or Revolut?

Yes, we support alternative payment options such as PayPal or Revolut. You can also pay with a bank transfer. Just send an email to our support at and we'll send you detailed payment instructions.

Can I pay in installments?

Absolutely. You’ll have the option to pay in 3 installments if you're unable to pay the full amount up front. A slight head's up - you end up paying slightly more if you go for the installments option.

Please send us an email at and we'll send you detailed instructions.

More questions? Book a call with us

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