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Launch Your Career in Tech Recruitment in Just 3 Hours

I'll guide you through the fundamentals of tech recruiting, helping you land your first candidate, build your network, and enjoy the journey.

Your tech recruitment adventure begins now.

Diving into Tech is actually pretty hard.

You have to conquer the initial uncertainty of stepping into a new field.

You need to learn how to effectively communicate with both IT candidates and IT hiring managers.

You must grasp the intricacies of the tech industry, from understanding different tech roles to knowing what makes a candidate stand out. And then there's the challenge of actually finding and engaging top tech talent.

If you’re passionate about technology and would like to start working for high-tech companies but don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.

Tech recruitment is a dynamic and rewarding field, offering the chance to connect talented individuals with cutting-edge companies and projects.

But for many, the thought of starting in tech recruitment is intimidating.

I understand.

It’s a world that can feel overwhelming.

There’s so much to learn, and there are countless methods and strategies out there.

But I believe everyone should give it a try. Why?

A career in tech recruitment can be life-changing. It certainly changed mine.

If we haven’t met before - Hi, I’m Michal 👋

I began my journey in tech recruitment in 2018, with little more than a keen interest in technology and a desire to connect people with their dream jobs.

I started with the basics, learning about different technology roles, recruitment strategies, and the art of negotiation and persuasion.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve helped hundreds of IT candidates find their ideal roles in top tech companies.

I used to be a software engineer, IT consultant, and a CTO in a fast-growing high-tech company.

So, I thrive on the energy and innovation of the tech world, working with a diverse range of clients and candidates, and enjoying the freedom and satisfaction that comes with making impactful connections.

I often receive messages from individuals and companies thanking me for the perfect match.

And the financial rewards? Let’s just say they’re significantly higher than what I could have imagined in a conventional career path.

Now, if you're just starting in tech recruitment, these achievements might seem far off, but remember, every successful recruiter started from zero, just like you will.

Through our new "Tech Recruiter Mini-Course" and IT recruiter mind maps, we’ve guided over 5,000+ individuals to confidently step into the world of tech recruitment, helping them navigate every challenge and question that arises in this field.

So, by the end of this 3-hour course, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to kickstart your career in tech recruitment and have fun while doing it.

And the best part?

All you need is a willingness to learn, a passion for technology, and the desire to connect people with their dream jobs.

And the entire course is just $1.

Starting a career in tech recruitment can be transformative (like it was for me), and I'm ready to help you get to a point where you don't feel lost anymore.

Are you ready?

What's in the course?

2024-01-07 at 09.50

IT Recruitment & Sourcing Intro (90 min)

  • Seminar presentation replay
  • Learn IT recruiting tips & tricks
2024-01-07 at 09.53

How To Find IT Candidates Easier And Faster With The Right Tools (50 min)

  • IT sourcing strategies
2024-01-07 at 09.55

Three Mistakes To Avoid While Recruiting IT Candidates (30 min)

  • Essential IT terminology & jargon
2024-01-07 at 09.57

Common IT Roles Explained (30 min)

  • The most common IT roles visualized
  • Mind map PDF
2024-01-07 at 09.59

Leverage The Power Of LinkedIn (20 min)

  • Craft the Perfect LinkedIn Profile & Resume
  • Update your LinkedIn to look professional
  • Optimize your LinkedIn so recruiters will start reaching out to you
2024-01-07 at 10.01

Know What Commissions To Ask For (10 min)

  • Use our Commission Calculator and Salary Guide to understand what range to aim for so you can negotiate for the best possible salary and commission

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If you’ve got any questions about the course, or need a hand with anything else, we’re just an email away. Drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help 😊