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Complete Tech Recruiter Certificate Course

with Michal Juhas, the international tech recruitment expert, author, and YouTube content creator.

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Start Your New Career As A Tech Recruiter With Our Course

Watch a video where Michal Juhas introduces the full-cycle, end-to-end Complete Tech Recruiter Certificate video course which is available on-demand so you can start now:

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Start A New Career. From Scratch!

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Just start learning from our video courses and follow our proven methodology.

  • IT Essentials

    Learn all of the IT essentials so you can analyze job requirements, find candidates, and join interviews with confidence.

  • Real Projects

    Start practicing on real-world recruitment projects and find IT candidates for open positions from international clients.

  • Sourcing on LinkedIn

    Learn how to use IT keywords to find candidates on LinkedIn, GitHub, Google, or ATS using advanced Boolean search queries.

  • Certificate

    Receive your certificate and feature it on your LinkedIn profile.

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This Is How You Get Into Tech Recruitment

The fastest and most effective approach to learning a new thing is to simply start doing it. This course shows you what to do in screen share videos and then lets you do it too (with hints and help). By the end of this course, you will have hours of real tech recruitment experience, including multiple projects in your applicant tracking system.

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1. Essential IT Terminology

The essential IT terminology is explained in human language for account managers, HR specialists, Talent Acquisition experts, recruiters, and headhunters who engage with IT managers or IT candidates.

Eight hours of bite-sized video lessons include:

  • Detailed mind maps
  • ▶️ The IT world explained
  • ▶️ How is software developed and maintained
  • ▶️ Common IT roles
  • ▶️ Typical software development team setup
  • ▶️ Programming languages vs. Software frameworks
  • ▶️ Job family: Software engineering 
  • ▶️ Job family: Analysts
  • ▶️ Job family: Designers
  • ▶️ Job family: Project & product managers
  • ▶️ Job family: Testing
  • ▶️ Job family: Data & BI
  • ▶️ Job family: Administrators
  • ▶️ Job family: DevOps & Cloud
  • ▶️ How to use programming languages & frameworks to find candidates
  • ▶️ Must-know IT terminology
  • ▶️ Common IT acronyms
  • ▶️ Software Development Deep-dive
  • Exit Quiz
  • eBook PDF
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2. Analyzing Technical Job Requirements

Learn how to analyze who exactly is the hiring manager looking for and how to make the job more appealing to candidates.


  • ▶️ How to analyze technical job requirements
  • ▶️ Qualification and screening questions explained
  • ▶️ TEMPLATE - Job requirement analysis
  • ▶️ MIND MAP - How to analyze different aspects of IT jobs
  • ▶️ How to identify the closest IT role
  • ▶️ How to identify deviations from common IT roles requirements
  • ▶️ How to identify interesting selling points for candidates
  • ▶️ How to write self-assessment qualification questions
  • Several case studies
  • Challenge / practical exercise at the end
  • eBook

3. IT Talent Sourcing

Start finding IT candidates like a Pro! Use LinkedIn Recruiter, GitHub, Google X-Ray, or ContactOut to find highly-demanded IT specialists.

Three hours of bite-sized video lessons include:

  • Detailed mind maps with boolean search queries
  • ▶️ Example: Important terminology for sourcing purposes
  • ▶️ Boolean search basics
  • ▶️ Four common mistakes to avoid
  • ▶️ Sourcing on LinkedIn Free
  • ▶️ Sourcing on LinkedIn Recruiter (Lite)
  • ▶️ Sourcing webinar replay - practical search
  • ▶️ How to prepare your sourcing strategy
  • ▶️ How to "slice the pie" when sourcing
  • ▶️ Sourcing webinar replay - developing a great sourcing strategy
  • ▶️ How to expand sourcing keywords
  • ▶️ How to use alternative sourcing keywords
  • ▶️ Sourcing on GitHub
  • ▶️ Sourcing on Google with X-Ray
  • ▶️ Sourcing with ContactOut
  • ▶️ Sourcing webinar replay
  • Challenge / practical sourcing project
  • eBook

4. IT Candidate Engagement

Interact with prospective candidates, so they get excited about your job opportunities. Take advantage of the candidate psychology so you can "sell" them the opportunities well.


  • Detailed mind maps with examples of how to pitch to candidates
  • ▶️ IT candidate psychology (Intro)
  • ▶️ What do they desire?
  • ▶️ Common software developer personas
  • ▶️ Important phrase "which means"
  • ▶️ How to paint the future for candidates
  • ▶️ How to make boring features sound more exciting
  • ▶️ How to pitch your vacancy
  • ▶️ Workshop replay - Project Manager case study
  • ▶️ Example - How to pitch Node.js candidates
  • ▶️ Example - How to pitch iOS candidates
  • ▶️ How to promote on social media effectively
  • ▶️ How to write copy that gets candidates excited
  • ▶️ How to use FB Ads Library to see vacancies from other agencies
  • ▶️ How to message candidates on LinkedIn
  • ▶️ Case study - Messaging CTO candidates
  • ▶️ Case study - Emailing C++ candidates
  • ▶️ Case study - Messaging C++ candidates on LinkedIn
  • ▶️ Screen share - How to find iOS developers
  • Challenges / three practical projects
  • eBook

5. IT Candidate Screening

Interview candidates quickly and precisely. Ask the right questions and feel confident while asking those technical questions.


  • Detailed mind maps with screening questions for different roles
  • ▶️ Screening call structure
  • ▶️ How to discuss salary expectations
  • ▶️ Workshop replay - group call focused on Screening candidates
  • ▶️ How to prepare self-assessment questions
  • ▶️ How to prepare interview questions
  • 20 examples of self-assessment & interview questions
  • ▶️ Screening process - where to start
  • ▶️ How to create a good candidate report for a hiring manager
  • 5 examples of screening questions
  • 5 examples of candidate reports
  • ▶️ Screening workshop replay
  • Challenge / practical exercise
  • eBook

Powerful Contents

This curriculum includes hours of videos, walkthroughs, and screens hares to take you from ZERO knowledge to ready for your first real tech recruitment job.

The terminology is intimidating right now because it’s unfamiliar, but this step-by-step detailed course guides you every step of the way.

By the end, you’ll know what all of this means and will have six real recruiting projects in your own portfolio to prove it!

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Are You Ready?

If you’re ready for a change, this course will change your life!

Walkthroughs, screen shares, and video lectures are designed for beginners with no previous experience in IT.

Create your own candidate talent pools and sourcing projects with 9 real guided projects so hiring managers will see you’re ready to get hired.

Video walkthroughs and hands-on practice with LinkedIn Recruiter, GitHub, Google X-Ray search, and more, so you can practice as much as you want until you feel ready to apply to Tech Recruiter jobs.

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Course + 1-on-1 Coaching

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  • Plus 100+ sourcing case studies
  • Plus client acquisition strategies
  • Plus 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Michal Juhas




Meet Your Instructor


Hey, I'm Michal Juhas!

As one of YouTube's leading tech recruitment influencers, my entire YouTube is full of free information detailing how to get started in Tech Recruitment.

I’ve also created a free tech recruitment course for anyone who needs minimal guidance to get started on their own.

Why? Because when I was the CTO and hired software engineers, I realized very few headhunters and recruiters actually know anything about IT and IT roles. They couldn't help me hire the right IT candidates and when I moved from Thailand back to Europe, I decided to change it and started teaching HR specialists and recruiters the IT essentials.

Over the years, I trained over 30,000 IT and HR specialists online and on-site. I also run a staffing agency as a Lead Tech Recruiter where I use the same principles, methods, and materials to onboard and teach new colleagues.

Now I know exactly what it takes, I'm sharing this with anyone else who wants to do what I do!

Our Tech Recruitment Certification Program was designed for people who want detailed, step-by-step guidance to learn everything you need to land a great Tech Recruitment job. My screen shares, webinar replays, walkthroughs, and hands-on practical exercises ensure you're ready for a new career in Tech Recruitment.

I believe we all deserve a career that pays us enough not just to survive but to thrive. All of my resources (free or paid) were designed to help you break into tech with Tech Recruitment so you can make the salary you deserve, achieve true work/life balance, and focus on what really matters in life. Let's do this!

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