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Zimrie Idrizi’s Transformation: From Junior Recruiter to Senior HR & IT Recruiter

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In the ever-evolving landscape of tech recruitment, the journey from novice to expert is both challenging and rewarding. Today, we are thrilled to share the inspiring story of Zimrie Idrizi, a former Junior Recruiter from North Macedonia, who transformed her career through our training program at Tech Recruitment Academy.

The Journey Begins

Zimrie’s journey is unique and inspirational. With a Bachelor of Laws and initial experience as a Junior Recruiter, she had a solid foundation but sought to deepen her understanding and skills in the tech recruiting sector. Her ambition led her to our doors, where her journey of transformation began.

The Turning Point

Upon joining our program, Zimrie was determined to enhance her recruitment skills, specifically in the tech domain. Our courses, designed to cater to HR managers, Talent Acquisition specialists, and recruiters, provided her with comprehensive insights into the tech industry’s complexities and nuances.


Reflecting on her experience, Zimrie remarked on Trustpilot: “Joining this program has been the best decision I made since I started working as a recruiter and HR in the IT sector. I learned a lot about how things function and what to look for when sourcing candidates, how to find the right candidate, how to speak their language, and the right way to approach IT candidates. The mind maps are extremely helpful as well as the workbook :) I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is trying to learn more about the recruiting process!”

A Remarkable Transformation

Just six months after completing her certification, Zimrie made a significant leap in her career, stepping into the role of a Senior HR & IT Recruiter at LinkPlus IT. This transition is not just a change in title but a reflection of the profound growth in her skills and understanding of tech recruitment.

Zimrie’s Impact

In her new role, Zimrie has become a key player in shaping the talent landscape in the tech world. Her expertise in identifying and communicating effectively with potential IT candidates has made her an invaluable asset in her field.


Zimrie Idrizi’s story is a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to elevate their career in tech recruitment. Her journey from a Junior Recruiter to a Senior HR & IT Recruiter demonstrates the transformative power of dedicated learning and professional development.

Call to Action

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