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From Military Veteran to IT Recruiter at Amazon Web Services: Stephanie Holman’s Success Story

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At Tech Recruitment Academy we pride ourselves on enabling career transformations. Stephanie Holman’s journey is a prime example of this. From her roots as a military veteran reservist and higher education professional to becoming an IT Recruiter at Amazon Web Services which opened the door for even more specialized recruiting opportunities, Stephanie’s story is a testament to the power of dedication and the right training.

The Journey Begins

Stephanie served in the military, a role that instilled in her discipline, resilience, and a unique skill set. Post her military career, she ventured into the world of technical recruiting – a field vastly different from her previous experiences.

The Turning Point

Realizing the need for specialized knowledge in tech recruiting, Stephanie enrolled in our training program at Tech Recruitment Academy. Our course is designed specifically for individuals like her: professionals transitioning from diverse backgrounds into the tech industry.

The Training Experience

Through our comprehensive training, Stephanie gained the necessary skills and insights into technical recruiting. She found the course to be “incredibly valuable”, as it helped her establish a strong foundation in this new career path. Her dedication and eagerness to learn were evident throughout the training.

A New Career Horizon

Harnessing the skills acquired during Stephanie's military service and higher education experience, she seized a unique opportunity to join Amazon through a pathway program, initially as a contractor. Recognizing the immense value of this chance, she proactively enrolled in the tech academy course to establish a solid foundation in all things technical recruiting. Just four months after completing the course and commencing her role as a contractor, she proudly ascended to a full-time L5 position with Amazon Web Services. 


Stephanie eloquently conveyed her gratitude on Trustpilot, stating, "Your course proved to be exceptionally valuable, playing a pivotal role in propelling me towards a new, lucrative career path." Her appreciation goes beyond words, as she extended an invitation to showcase our program on her LinkedIn page, acknowledging its instrumental role in empowering meaningful career transitions.


Stephanie Holman's journey serves as a compelling testament to the transformative potential of proper training and a commitment to continuous learning, showcasing that a prosperous career in technology is within reach. From her military background, she seamlessly transitioned into a role as an IT recruiter at a global tech giant. Now, steering her expertise into an even more specialized realm, Stephanie excels in recruiting for government contracting in the Defense & National Security sector with MetroStar recruiting for cleared engineers —a testament to the limitless possibilities and growth within the field of technical recruitment. Her story stands as an inspiration to aspiring tech recruiters, demonstrating the diverse avenues and niches one can explore and succeed in.

Call to Action

Are you ready to make a career leap like Stephanie? Join the Tech Recruitment Academy today and become part of a community that transforms careers. Whether you’re a veteran, a former educator, or from any other background, our program is designed to give you the foundation you need to succeed in tech recruitment. Enroll now and start your journey toward a rewarding tech career!