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Alexander Laurin’s Leap: From Sales Recruiter to Sales & IT Recruitment Consultant

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Making a career transition, especially into a specialized field like IT recruitment, is a bold move that requires courage, dedication, and the right guidance. Alexander Laurin’s story is a perfect example of how a seasoned professional in one area, like sales recruitment, can successfully pivot into a more niche domain. In this post, we’re excited to share Alexander’s journey and how the Tech Recruitment Academy played a pivotal role in his transition.

The Journey Begins

Alexander, based in Canada, began his career as a Sales Recruiter. With a strong understanding of the sales domain, he excelled in his role but aspired to explore new horizons in the rapidly evolving tech industry.


The journey of Alexander into the world of IT recruitment was marked by an initial sense of overwhelm by the complexity of technical roles and responsibilities. This is a common challenge faced by many looking to break into the tech recruitment field. However, his determination led him to join our Tech Recruitment Academy.


Alexander’s experience with our Academy transformed his perspective on IT recruitment. On Trustpilot, he shared:Tech Recruitment Academy has been an amazing help. I am an experienced sales recruiter who has wanted to get into IT but found the roles and responsibilities of technical professionals daunting and overwhelming. Since becoming a member of this community and taking the courses, I have learned a great deal in an incredibly short amount of time. Now I read IT resumes with fascination, and when I speak to technical people, I am not afraid but only interested.”

A Remarkable Transformation

Just six months after completing our certification exam, Alexander transitioned into a new role as a Sales & IT Recruitment Consultant. This change was not just a shift in his job title but a significant leap in his professional journey, demonstrating his newfound confidence and expertise in the field.

Alexander’s Impact

In his new role, Alexander combines his extensive experience in sales recruitment with his newly acquired skills in IT recruitment. His ability to understand and bridge these two distinct domains has made him an invaluable asset in the recruitment industry.


Alexander Laurin’s story is a beacon for those contemplating a shift into tech recruitment. It underscores that with the right training and a willingness to learn, transitioning into a specialized field like IT recruitment is not just possible, but can be a highly rewarding career move.

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