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From Talent Acquisition to Senior IT Recruiter: Ivana Vacková’s Journey to Success

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In the dynamic world of tech recruitment, the leap from being good to becoming exceptional is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation. Today, we’re excited to share a story that embodies this spirit of growth and transformation.

Meet Ivana Vacková, a former Talent Acquisition Specialist from the Czech Republic, whose journey with us at Tech Recruitment Academy has been nothing short of inspiring.

The Journey Begins

Before joining our training program, Ivana was a dedicated Talent Acquisition Specialist. Her role involved the standard responsibilities of the position, but Ivana had aspirations to delve deeper into the tech industry. She wanted to understand the nuances of IT recruitment and become a pivotal figure in connecting top tech talents with leading companies.

The Turning Point

Ivana’s turning point came when she decided to enroll in our comprehensive training program. Our courses, designed specifically for HR managers, Talent Acquisition specialists, and recruiters aiming to break into the tech world, offered her the tools and insights she needed. Through our curriculum, Ivana gained in-depth knowledge of the tech industry, learning how to identify and attract top IT professionals effectively.


Reflecting on her experience, Ivana shared on Trustpilot, “Very professional, nice talking. Michal Juhas explained everything that is needed for the best recruitment processes. Mind maps really help to connect everything.” This feedback highlights the impact of our personalized approach and practical learning methods.

A Remarkable Transformation

Just six months after completing the certification exam, Ivana transitioned into a role as a Senior IT Recruiter. This remarkable shift in her career trajectory is a testament to her dedication and the practical skills she acquired during our training. Ivana’s success is not just in her job title change but in the confidence and proficiency, she now exhibits in her role.

Ivana’s Impact

As a Senior IT Recruiter, Ivana has become instrumental in shaping the workforce of several tech companies. Her ability to understand the technical requirements and match them with the ideal candidates has made her a valuable asset in the tech recruitment field.


Ivana Vacková’s story is a shining example of how the right training and determination can propel one’s career to new heights. Her journey from a Talent Acquisition Specialist to a Senior IT Recruiter is a roadmap for anyone aspiring to make a significant impact in the tech recruitment arena.

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