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Silvia Vladimirova: From HR Advisor to the Founder and Chief Talent Officer of TexTalent

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The path to becoming a leader in the tech recruitment world often starts with a desire to fill knowledge gaps and gain confidence in dealing with technical roles. Silvia Vladimirova's journey from an HR Advisor in the United Arab Emirates to the Founder and Chief Talent Officer of TexTalent is a stellar example of this. Her story, fueled by our training at Tech Recruitment Academy, showcases the transformative power of specialized education in tech recruitment.

Silvia's Initial Role

Silvia began her career as an HR Advisor, a role that equipped her with solid foundational skills in human resources. However, she soon realized that to make a significant impact in the fast-evolving tech industry, she needed to deepen her understanding of technical roles and terminology.

Embracing the Challenge

This realization led Silvia to join our Tech Recruitment Academy. Our program, designed for HR professionals and recruiters, focuses on bridging the gap between general recruitment skills and the specific demands of the tech industry.

The Training Experience

Throughout the course, Silvia was immersed in a detailed exploration of technical terminology and IT roles. Our approach to visual explanations and practical application helped her not only understand but also confidently communicate with IT candidates and clients. Michal, our lead trainer, played a pivotal role in making this learning experience both effective and enjoyable for Silvia.

Career Advancement

Post-certification, Silvia embarked on an ambitious new journey by founding TexTalent. As the Chief Talent Officer, she now leads her venture, applying her enhanced skills to identify and recruit top tech talent.


Silvia’s Trustpilot review reflects her positive experience and the impact of the course on her career: "Great presentation and visual explanation of technical terminology and IT roles! The course filled the gaps in my technical knowledge and made me more confident when speaking to IT candidates and clients. Michal is an outstanding trainer and I enjoyed the course a lot!"


Silvia Vladimirova's success story is an inspiration to anyone looking to elevate their career in tech recruitment. It demonstrates how targeted training can empower HR professionals to become leaders and innovators in the tech talent acquisition space.

Call to Action

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