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Marilyn Dai's Rise in Tech Recruitment: From VTRAC Consulting to Huawei Technologies

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Tech Recruitment Academy is committed to empowering HR professionals, Talent Acquisition specialists, and recruiters to excel in the tech industry. Marilyn Dai's story is a shining example of what our graduates can achieve. Transitioning from a Tech Recruiter at VTRAC Consulting Corporation to a similar role at Huawei Technologies Canada, Marilyn's journey is a testament to the power of specialized training and dedication.

Before the Program

Marilyn began her career in tech recruitment with VTRAC Consulting Corporation. While she had a solid foundation in tech recruiting, she knew that to advance in this competitive field, she needed to deepen her understanding of complex IT concepts and refine her recruitment strategies.

The Decision to Upskill

This realization led Marilyn to enroll in our Tech Recruitment Program. Our course is specifically tailored for tech recruiters who want to enhance their expertise and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech sector.

The Training Experience

Throughout our program, Marilyn was exposed to in-depth knowledge and practical insights into tech recruitment. Our lead trainer, Michal, was instrumental in simplifying complex IT concepts, making them accessible and understandable. Marilyn's learning experience was not just about acquiring knowledge but also about applying these insights effectively in her recruitment practice.

A New Chapter at Huawei Technologies

Just six months after completing our certification, Marilyn secured a position as a Tech Recruiter at Huawei Technologies Canada. This move marked a significant step in her career, showcasing her enhanced skills and increased value in the tech recruitment industry.

Testimonial from Marilyn

Marilyn's feedback on Trustpilot highlights her positive experience: "The Tech Recruitment Program was great. Michal was amazing in explaining complex IT concepts in a simple way. I have learned a lot and will definitely recommend this wonderful program!"


Marilyn Dai’s journey reflects the transformative impact of targeted training in tech recruitment. Her progress from VTRAC Consulting to Huawei Technologies Canada inspires all aspiring tech recruiters looking to advance their careers.

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