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Rick Wong's Evolution in Recruitment: Bridging Construction and IT at iPro Career & Education Consultancy

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The journey from sector-specific recruitment to mastering the complexities of tech recruitment is both challenging and rewarding. Rick Wong's story with Tech Recruitment Academy is a testament to this. Based in Singapore, Rick transitioned from being a recruiter in the construction sector to a specialist in both construction and IT recruitment at iPro Career & Education Consultancy, underscoring the versatility and adaptability that our training program fosters.

Rick's Initial Role

Rick began his career at iPro Career & Education Consultancy, focusing on the construction sector. He had a strong grasp of recruitment processes and was successful in his field, but he realized the growing importance and opportunities in the tech sector.

Embracing the Challange

Understanding the potential of the tech recruitment market, Rick enrolled in our Tech Recruitment Academy. Our program is designed for recruitment professionals who seek to expand their expertise into the high-demand tech sector.

The Training Experience

Through our comprehensive training, Rick gained valuable insights into the tech world. Our program's clear and simple format made complex IT concepts accessible, enhancing his technical understanding. The HR tools and strategies provided were instrumental in equipping him with the skills necessary to bridge his existing knowledge with the demands of tech recruitment.

Career Advancement

After completing our certification exam, Rick expanded his role at iPro Career & Education Consultancy. He successfully integrated tech recruitment into his portfolio, a move that not only diversified his skills but also increased his value in the recruitment industry.


Rick shared his positive experience on Trustpilot: "The must-have as a tech recruiter! As a technical recruiter, we have the HR assets but not technical, the training with its simple clear format, and the HR tools with which we go out are a treasure. Thank you, sincerely!"


Rick Wong’s journey from a construction sector recruiter to a versatile recruiter in both the construction and IT sectors is an inspiring example of professional growth and adaptation. His story illustrates how targeted training can enable recruiters to expand their expertise and seize new opportunities.

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