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Nathan Matthews' Transformation: From Financial Services Recruitment to Tech Talent Partner

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At Tech Recruitment Academy, we take pride in helping HR managers, Talent Acquisition specialists, and recruiters transition into the tech industry. Nathan Matthews' journey from a Recruitment Consultant in Financial Services to a Recruitment Partner in tech is a powerful example of how our training can catalyze career growth and boost confidence in the tech recruitment field.

Nathan's Initial Role

Nathan started his recruitment career at Integrity Resource Solutions, focusing on the financial services sector. While he had a good grasp of recruitment fundamentals, he faced challenges, particularly in candidate engagement and confidence in reaching out to potential hires.

Embracing the Challenge

Recognizing the need to evolve his skills and overcome his hesitation in candidate engagement, Nathan joined our Tech Recruitment Academy. Our program is specially designed for professionals seeking to adapt and thrive in the fast-paced tech recruitment landscape.

The Training Experience

Throughout the course, Nathan gained not only the technical knowledge required for tech recruitment but also a significant boost in confidence. Our hands-on approach and practical insights played a crucial role in transforming his approach to candidate engagement, especially with tech professionals like developers.

Career Advancement

Post-completion of our certification exam, Nathan transitioned to a new role as a Recruitment Partner at Truly Independent Ltd. This shift not only marked a change in industry focus but also demonstrated his newfound confidence and capability in engaging with tech candidates.


Nathan’s experience was encapsulated in his Trustpilot review: "Great Course - I have gone from too scared to pick up the phone and call candidates to engage confidently with developers. A great confidence boost. Thank you, Michal!"


Nathan Matthews' story is an inspiring example for anyone looking to transition into tech recruitment. His journey shows how the right training can not only equip you with industry-specific skills but also enhance your confidence in engaging with tech professionals.

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