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Pedro Najar’s Career Shift: From Geology to Tech Recruitment

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Transitioning to a new career can be a daunting challenge, especially when it involves moving into a dynamic and fast-paced field like tech recruitment. Yet, Pedro Najar’s story is a testament to how achievable this transition can be with the right training and mindset. In this post, we’re exploring how Pedro, armed with a Master’s in Geology and a passion for new challenges, transformed his career by joining our Tech Recruitment Academy.

The Journey Begins

Pedro’s journey began in a seemingly different world. With a Master of Science in Geology, he spent years understanding the earth’s processes. However, his innate curiosity and desire for change led him to explore the field of IT recruitment, a domain he had no prior experience in.

Embracing a New Path

Pedro’s entry into the world of tech recruitment started with our comprehensive Tech Recruitment Course. Despite his initial lack of knowledge in IT recruitment, he found the course materials digestible and straightforward, a crucial factor in his successful transition.


Reflecting on his experience, Pedro shared on Trustpilot: “I’m very happy with the knowledge I have learned from taking the Tech Recruitment Course. I came into the course with no knowledge of IT recruitment or recruiting and found the course very digestible and easy to follow. With this newfound knowledge, I now have the confidence to recruit IT professionals and hold intelligent conversations with potential candidates and clients. I would recommend this course to anyone serious about becoming an IT recruiter. I know I will use all the information for years to come. Thank you, Michal!”

The Turning Point

Just six months after completing the certification exam, Pedro made a significant career shift. He went from being a Geologist to an Independent IT Recruitment Consultant. This change not only speaks to his dedication and hard work but also to the practical and impactful nature of the training he received.

As an Independent IT Recruitment Consultant, Pedro is now at the forefront of connecting top IT talents with the right opportunities. His unique background in Geology adds a fresh perspective to his approach to tech recruitment, proving that diverse experiences can bring valuable insights into any field.


Pedro Najar’s story is an inspiration for anyone considering a career shift, especially in the world of tech recruitment. His journey demonstrates that with the right training and determination, it’s possible to successfully transition into a completely new field.

Call to Action

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