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Maria Tashurova’s Remarkable Shift: From Flight Attendant to IT Recruitment Consultant

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Transitioning to a career in tech can seem daunting, especially when coming from a completely different industry. Maria Tashurova’s story is a powerful example of such a transition, demonstrating that it’s possible to break into the tech industry successfully with the right training and determination. Here, we explore Maria’s journey from being a Flight Attendant to becoming an IT Recruitment Consultant, facilitated by her training with Tech Recruitment Academy.

The Journey Begins

Maria’s career began in the skies, working as a Flight Attendant. While this role honed her communication and people skills, Maria sought a career that offered more stability and the opportunity to work remotely, allowing her to spend more time with her family.

The Turning Point

Maria’s aspiration led her to our Tech Recruitment Academy. Understanding the need for a specialized skill set to transition into tech recruitment, she enrolled in our comprehensive training program, designed for HR managers, Talent Acquisition specialists, and recruiters aiming to pivot into the tech industry.

The Career Pivot

Our training course provided Maria with an in-depth understanding of the tech industry and the specificities of IT recruitment. The highlight of her training, as mentioned in her Trustpilot review, was the guidance provided by Michal: “Very professional training course... Michal explained everything that is needed for the best recruitment processes.” This knowledge, coupled with her innate people skills, prepared Maria for her new role in the tech world.

A Remarkable Transformation

Just six months after completing our certification exam, Maria stepped into her new role as an IT Recruitment Consultant. This career move not only marked a significant shift from her previous job but also fulfilled her desire to work remotely and spend more time with her family.


Reflecting on her training, Maria shared on Trustpilot: “I’m happy to start working remotely as a tech recruiter, and spend more time with my family.” Her success story is a testament to the effectiveness of our training and its role in enabling career transitions.


Maria Tashurova’s journey from a Flight Attendant to an IT Recruitment Consultant is an inspiring example of how targeted training and determination can lead to a successful career shift into the tech industry.

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