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How To Get Into Tech Recruiting After 15+ Years In Non-Tech HR - Interview With Jesicca Izaguirre


Jessica, a seasoned recruiter, shares her experience transitioning from healthcare recruitment to tech recruitment at IBM. She describes the transition as a significant one that required her to learn a lot about technical recruiting, including the specific lingo used in the tech industry. She found resources like Michael's books helpful in understanding the language and how to interview tech candidates. Despite the learning curve, Jessica found that the fundamental aspects of recruiting remained the same across industries. She emphasized the importance of understanding what the hiring manager is looking for and finding the right talent to match those needs. Jessica also shares her motivation for transitioning from healthcare to tech recruitment. She wanted to gain a different type of experience after many years in healthcare. She was drawn to the opportunity to work for a large company like IBM and learn something new. She encourages other recruiters considering a similar transition not to be afraid and to take the leap. She believes that the learning and growth opportunities in tech are abundant and worth the initial challenges of the transition.

Finally, Jessica offers advice for job seekers. She emphasizes the importance of having an updated resume and LinkedIn profile and ensuring that the information on both platforms matches. She also suggests keeping track of usernames and passwords for job application sites to monitor the status of applications. She advises job seekers to be readily available to submit their resumes when asked by recruiters or hiring managers. She also encourages job seekers to ask questions and not be afraid to seek clarification during the recruitment process.

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