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How To Pitch Job Opportunities To Candidates - Interview With Marsh Sutherland


In this video, Marsh Sutherland, a Senior Technical Recruiter, shares his insights and experiences in the recruitment field. He discusses the high benchmark for hiring at Ocient, with only 0.67% of over 6,000 applicants being hired. He also shares his strategies for attracting applicants, which include providing extensive information about the company, its achievements, and benefits, and building an emotional connection with candidates.

Marsh also talks about the importance of understanding the tech stack when recruiting for tech positions and being involved in tech communities to build a reputation. He emphasizes the need for speed in the hiring process, often making offers on the same day as the final interview for junior-level positions. For senior-level positions, he actively sources candidates using LinkedIn and has a specific skill set that he filters for. He also mentions the use of HackerRank for coding interviews and the importance of having a tough filter for applicants. Sutherland advises new recruiters to build their LinkedIn connections, embrace referral recruiting methodology, and show their "geek flag" to build rapport with candidates in the tech field.

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