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How To Get Better Job Opportunities - Interview With Steve Orin, Intel CTO


In this engaging and informative video, Michael sits down with Steve Orrin, the esteemed Federal CTO at Intel, to delve into the intricacies and experiences that have shaped his journey in the tech world. Steve kicks off the conversation with a retrospective look at his early career, highlighting a pivotal moment in the mid-90s when he recognized the critical need for enhanced security measures in email and desktop systems. This realization not only set the tone for his career but also underscored the significance of risk-taking and a deep understanding of customer requirements.

Steve's narrative takes a compelling turn as he discusses his innovative approach to addressing these needs, a testament to his foresight and ingenuity in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. The conversation then shifts to a broader perspective, with Steve underscoring the value of continuous learning and staying abreast of emerging technologies. He offers a piece of sage advice to developers, urging them to immerse themselves in diverse tools and platforms and to actively contribute to open-source projects. This, he believes, is a surefire way to enhance their visibility in the industry and carve out new opportunities.

The interview further explores Steve's insights into the global influence wielded by a tech giant like Intel. He reflects on the profound impact of being part of an organization that grapples with significant global challenges, stressing the importance of making a meaningful difference on a large scale. In a particularly inspiring moment, Steve advises developers to surround themselves with more knowledgeable individuals, fostering an environment of relentless learning and growth.

Concluding with a powerful message, the video encapsulates Steve Orrin's wisdom and experiences, offering viewers invaluable lessons on the essence of risk-taking, customer-centric innovation, the pursuit of continuous knowledge, and the importance of nurturing a network of talented peers in the technology sector.

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