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Boost Your Career In Technical Recruitment With These Two Questions


More and more companies are hiring IT professionals so there is an abundance of opportunities for all of us in IT recruitment. Here are two important questions you can ask yourself to determine your BEST next career step.

You can ask these two questions yourself... or can ask a friend or a colleague to ask these questions to you.

"Who Do I Want To Work With?‌‌‌‌"

The first question that will help you determine your best next career step is to think who would you like to work with?

In other words, who are the people you would like to surround yourself with? Who are the people you would like to hang out with? Who are the people you would like to associate yourself with?

These days, when we are working remotely, you can work for any company around the globe. People in all those companies are slightly different.

In some companies, they are true superstars. In other companies, probably they struggle here and there...

In some companies, you may have great managers. In other companies, the managers may suck...

Would you like to work with people who are internationally recognized experts in their field?

Or would you like to work with a team full of junior colleagues?

"What Would I Like To Learn?‌‌‌‌"

The second key question you should ask yourself is, what would you like to learn in the next three months? In the next six months? In the next year?

Can you learn in your current job to such an extent that you'd be satisfied?

Will you have enough opportunities to learn?

Will you be in touch with experts in their fields so they can actually teach you how to do the job?

Who are the people you would like to learn from?

These days, and not just in IT, companies shift to remote work which means you can work for any company around the world. And that comes with certain advantages and also challenges...

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