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17 Reasons To Start Freelancing - Tech Recruitment


Several recruiters took advantage of a GOLDEN opportunity in June and transitioned to freelance Tech recruitment.

It's been fun to help them learn what it takes to get the first client and submit qualified candidates!

I compiled a list of 17 reasons why HR managers, TA specialists, and recruiters transition to IT recruitment... and how you can, too!

Here are the reasons:

#1 – Limited Career Progression

If you no longer grow in your current company, start freelancing on the side before you have enough clients so you can freelance full-time.

#2 – International Clients

Working for international clients may bring additional challenges and lead to faster professional growth.

#3 – Increase Your Nett Income

As a freelancer, you're likely to charge higher commissions and take advantage of tax benefits. This online training can help!

#4 – Be Your Boss

If you freelance, you don't have to check in or check out at work. You probably work from home anyway so why not go all-in?

#5 – Have More Freedom

Decide what projects to take, what clients to work for, and how much load to take... so you can spend as much time with family as you want.

#6 – Work Only On Positions You Like

Choose the best clients, industries, or positions... so you don't have to waste time working on positions you struggle with.

#7 – Learn & Grow Professionally Faster

You're likely to experience steeper professional growth because as soon as you start focusing on results, you'll start learning whatever it takes to perform and deliver.

#8 – Diversify Your Income

What's worse than being suddenly laid off? When you freelance, you can decide to work for more than one client which means so your income is less likely to drop to zero.

#9 – Join Any Company Remotely

As a freelancer, you can join remotely even companies that couldn't employ you internally due to legal or accounting reasons.

#10 – Work Part-time Only

A lot of recruiters who join the Tech Recruitment Program have full-time jobs and want to freelance part-time. Just make sure to check your non-compete clause in your existing contract.

#11 – Experience Something New & Exciting

Many of us get a dopamine rush when experiencing something new. It gives us a chance to learn and grow, get better and try things out.

#12 – Have More Power Over Your Career

As a freelancer, you can decide to pursue interesting opportunities as well as "fire clients" whom you don't like.

#13 – Work Together With International Experts

When you work for a local agency, you are stick to the same local team month by month. When you work with international experts who set the bar high for you, magical things happen... ;)

#14 – Build Up Your Own Database

A database of candidates is your most valuable asset. If you work as an independent freelancer, you're developing YOUR asset, not your company's.

#15 – Work For A Cool International Agency

Some companies are stuck in the past... while others take advantage of trends and modern best practices. Where would you like to work?

#16 – Expand Your Talent Pool Globally

Since you can work online remotely, you can also recruit IT professionals remotely. Expand your talent pool to include software developers from around the world and your asset's value will grow 📈

#17 – Become Independent

Being independent is a vital skill for those who want to take more control of their lives. You don't need others to grow your income... it's up to you to:

  • Learn enough to start recruiting independently – hello the Tech Recruitment Program - Next Group
  • Join an agency as a freelancer where you can thrive (we can help with this, too!)... but get certified first ^^

Would you like me to help you become a confident Tech recruiter, too?

Join the next Live course starting soon... and I'll show you everything you need to start submitting IT candidates to clients.