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How To Find The Candidate Who Gets Hired In Only Two Days? - Interview With Robyn Friedlander



The video is an interview with Robin, a remote tech recruiter based in South Africa. She discusses her transition from being an HR generalist to a tech recruiter during the COVID-19 pandemic. Robin shares her motivation for the shift, citing her interest in the fast-paced tech industry and the transferability of her recruiter skills. She talks about her learning process, including taking courses on LinkedIn and using resources provided by her interviewer, Michael.

Robin also discusses the challenges she faced, such as understanding IT terminology and working remotely. However, she emphasizes that with time and effort, she became comfortable in tech recruitment. She also shares her strategies for finding candidates, including using LinkedIn Recruiter and Facebook groups. Robin also talks about the use of AI tools like CH GPT for better comprehension of different tech skills. She believes that while AI might replace some aspects of recruitment in the future, it's not happening in the next couple of years.

Robin advises those considering a career in tech recruitment to have a natural sense of curiosity, high emotional intelligence, and a genuine interest in the tech industry. She believes that tech recruitment is a growing field and encourages those interested to give it a try.

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