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How To Find IT Product Managers With Crazy Requirements


Job Requirement

The manager is looking for a candidate who has worked in the construction industry, then shifted to IT, and managed B2B software applications as a Product Manager.

Sounds easy? Probably not...


Who Are The Product Managers Anyway?!

We checked the mind map "Recruiting IT Product Managers" and explained the difference between a product manager and a product owner.

We checked the mind map "Recruiting IT Product Managers" - you can get the eBook here

Product Manager and Product Owner are two roles that are commonly found in organizations that develop and launch products. While there is some overlap between the two roles, they have distinct responsibilities and focus:

  • A Product Manager is responsible for the overall strategy and vision for the product. They work closely with the executive team to define the product roadmap and prioritize features based on customer needs and market trends. They also work with cross-functional teams to develop, launch, and market the product.
  • A Product Owner, on the other hand, is responsible for managing the product backlog and ensuring that the development team is working on the right features at the right time. They work closely with the development team to define user stories and acceptance criteria and prioritize them based on customer needs and business value. They also collaborate with the Product Manager to ensure that the product roadmap aligns with the overall product vision.

Here's the mind map

We checked the mind map "Recruiting IT Product Managers" - you can get the eBook here

Search #1

We started with a little research to find construction software companies.

ChatGPT is our best friend:

Can you tell us please what companies develop software for the construction industry? For example Autodesk
ChatGPT generated a list of construction software companies for us.

We wrote down the list of companies and copied them to LinkedIn as well.

A list of construction software companies copied from ChatGPT

The search for Product Managers or Product Owners who work or worked in some of the largest construction software companies:

The search for Product Managers or Product Owners who work or worked in some of the largest construction software companies.

Search #2

Next, I wanted to find people who worked in other companies but still have experience with construction.

So, we wrote down several keywords and the final Boolean:

(construction OR pre-construction) AND DFMA AND (Agile OR Scrum) AND B2B
Keywords brainstorming
Boolean search strings: Title and Keywords

Message Good Candidates

Once I found a great candidate with a relevant background, I messaged him right away. This time without ChatGPT's help :)


This is the message:

Message sent to the IT Product Manager with a construction background.

12 Hours Later...

The candidate responded just a few hours after we sent him the message:


2 Days Later...


And What Does The Client Think?

"He looks like a pretty ideal candidate!"


UPDATE: March 16, 2023


Full Communication

This is our full transcript.

Short and sweet. Let's hope he books, I'll keep you posted!


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