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Candidate Responded To My First ChatGPT-Generated InMail Message


I was so excited to read this message from a potential candidate:


Now, why am I so excited about this candidate?

Because I messaged him YESTERDAY during the Sourcing Webinar.

With 20+ IT recruiters on the call, we were looking for suitable Full Stack Node.js & React Native candidates in the USA and he was one of the most suitable ones.

But you know what's so SPECIAL about this one?

Well, this was the first time I used ChatGPT to write a message to this candidate.

But let's take it step by step:

1. The IT Position

We kicked off the Sourcing Webinar with a position of a senior React Native / Node.js Full Stack Developer. I said a few words about what do these IT professionals do at work and what tools, languages, and frameworks do they usually use, for example:

Programming Languages:

  • Either JavaScript or TypeScript (or both)

Software Frameworks:

  • Front-end web: React (specific to this job req')
  • Back-end web: Node.js
  • Mobile apps: React Native (specific to this job req')
Screenshot from the Sourcing Webinar.

Next, we looked at a mind map which focuses on Full-stack JavaScript/TypeScript engineers. It includes a list of additional technologies that we can see on candidate's resumes (i.e. testing tools, cloud solutions, automation tools):

One of 40+ mind maps in the popular eBook.

The "Sourcing" part of the mind map helped us identify important keywords:

We wrote a list of different titles that we can expect on candidates' profiles:

List of titles on candidates' profiles.

Next, we listed competencies, skills, and keywords specific to this position:

Competencies, skills, and keywords specific to this position.

Last, we put it all together to one Boolean search query that we pasted to LinkedIn Recruiter filter:

Boolean search query

Copy and paste to LinkedIn Recruiter:

LinkedIn Recruiter filter with our Boolean search query entered

3. Finding Suitable Candidates

We started reviewing profiles and we found several great ones!

Screenshot from the Sourcing Webinar.
We found Matthew, he was a great fit!

4. Sending Messages

Once we find suitable candidates (like Matthew), we have three options:

  1. Send an InMail (you may have 30 or 150 credits based on your license)
  2. Connect on LinkedIn, wait until they accept the invite, and send a message
  3. Use a headhunting tool like RecruitInstantly to get candidate's email address

In this case, I've decided to send them an InMail and use ChatGPT to generate the content of the message for me.

It needs to understand context so I wrote that I'm a technical recruiter and want to send a message to a prospective candidate:

The first prompt for ChatGPT.

At first, ChatGPT wrote rather boring message so I asked the chatbot to rewrite it in a bit more friendly tone:

The revised message with a bit friendlier tone.

The second version was better so I copied it and pasted is as an InMail:

Screenshot from the Sourcing Webinar.

Fast forward a few hours... and Matthew responded! 🎉

Here's the full communication:

Transcript of our chat

Interview Scheduled

Matthew has booked a call with me this Thursday. Keep fingers crossed :)

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