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Top Tech Recruiter

How to get into the IT industry, find new clients, become their trusted advisor, and start billing $500k+ per year.

We interviewed 30 experts, top billers, recruitment managers, marketers, and business development managers to figure out how to succeed in Tech recruiting. You can learn:

  • How to get clients in Tech
  • How to work internationally
  • How to find the right candidates and get them hired

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Expert Insights

We've interviewed 30 professionals and experts so you can learn from their expertise.

Jonathan Kidder, Senior Technical Recruiter III at Amazon

Jonathan Kidder
Tech Recruiter, Amazon

Brian FInk Talent Acquisition Partner at McAfee

Brian Fink
Talent Acquisition Partner, McAfee

Benjamin Mena

Benjamin Mena
CyberSecurity Tech Recruiter

Alexa Lane,  Head of Recruiting at

Alexa Lane
Head of Recruiting,

Marsh Sutherland

Marsh Sutherland
Tech Recruiter, Ocient

Jessica Izaguirre

Jessica Izaguirre
IT Talent Acquisition Partner, IBM

Mike Walmsley, Co-Founder at

Mike Walmsley

Michal Juhas

Michal Juhas
Co-Founder, Tech Recruitment Academy

...and 20+ more practitioners who shared best-practices that helped them become successful.

Watch The Most Important Videos

You probably don't want to spend 30 hours watching these long video interviews, right? Instead, you can watch several 2-3 minute-long videos with the most important takeaways.

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Download This FREE eBook To Learn:

  • What are the most in-demand IT roles in 2024
  • How to brand your new agency to get an influx of new inbound IT clients
  • How to get your first (or next) client with job req's that you can fill quickly
  • How to screen and interview IT candidates even if you've never worked in IT
  • How to use new AI tools to find IT candidates
  • How to use commission-only networks to submit candidates for global clients
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