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Our Tech Recruitment Certificate Courses will teach you everything you need to communicate with technical hiring managers and IT candidates.


Stand out from the crowd

Become more tech-savvy to win the trust of tech candidates and hiring managers, so you close more roles. We break down technical topics into easy-to-understand, familiar models.

Add the certificate to your CV & LinkedIn

This is the standard course for recruiters to master tech, taken by hundreds of recruiters at companies like Accenture, Experis, Manpower, AWS, Randstad, Iventa, MichaelPage, Philips, and many others.

Practical Projects & Exercises

Our instructors and mentors are full-time recruiters who have years of experience recruiting IT candidates. You'll work on real-world projects and gain priceless experience!

5-star TrustPilot Rating

87% of recruiters gave our course a 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Why? Because it's designed specifically for tech recruiters to learn about tech.

Get immediate access to our proven training materials.

Learn From Experts Online

Start learning with our mentors and coaches during group calls. It's a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts and get immediate feedback.


Find The Right IT Candidates

Learn proven strategies for sourcing top IT talent, enabling you to consistently identify and attract qualified candidates.

Join our weekly sourcing webinars to learn new recruiting strategies.


Screen IT Candidates Like a Pro!

Master the art of evaluating IT candidates' skills, experience, and cultural fit, ensuring you match them accurately with job opportunities.

Join our role plays on Zoom to learn and practice what exactly to ask IT candidates to identify who is a good fit.


Earn Higher Salary & Commissions

Become a partner to CTOs and hiring managers. Learn how to acquire new clients, how to position yourself as the expert in IT recruitment, and build marketing collaterals that will help you attract more clients.

Join our weekly Client Acquisition calls to find out how to start working independently or build your own agency.

Get immediate access to our proven training materials.

Learn From Proven Materials & Courses Used By Recruiters

We've trained over 30,000 IT and HR professionals since 2018 and developed unique learning materials that are used by recruiters around the world.


Get More Confident!

Confidence comes with knowledge. You'll learn about the most common programming languages, software frameworks, and tools that IT professionals use so you can start interviewing them with confidence.

Enjoy Bite-sized Video Lessons

This course is made up of 100+ (and growing) bite-sized, highly visual interactive activities designed to teach you everything you need to know about tech with no unnecessary filler.

Complete Challenges & Projects

Activities include quizzes and challenges that facilitate your learning process. An example would be to source Frontend React Developers in Berlin based on a real-world job requirement and come up with an advanced search strategy that your mentor reviews.

Get Feedback From Your Mentor

You will get a mentor who provides feedback during your 1-on-1 Zoom calls. This is a great way to learn faster than your peers who may be trying to figure it all out themselves, alone at home. You'll reach your goals much faster!

Get immediate access to our proven training materials.

Interact With Like-Minded Peers In Our Online Community

Join our community on Discord where we run a community with hundreds of tech recruiters who can answer your specific questions.


Collaborate In Real-time and Get Support

Dive into our Discord channel and instantly connect with experienced technical recruiters from around the globe. Whether you're stuck on a particular issue, seeking advice on best practices, or just looking to share insights, our community is here to support and empower you in real time.

Get Access To Exclusive Content and Updates

As a member of our Discord community, you'll gain exclusive access to bonus content, resources, and announcements related to the course. Stay ahead of the curve with timely updates and engage in specialized discussions that aren’t available anywhere else.

Take Advantage Of Networking Opportunities

Networking is crucial in the world of recruiting, and our Discord channel is a hotspot for it. Forge meaningful connections with fellow recruiters, share job leads, and discover collaboration opportunities. It's not just about learning – it's about growing your professional circle in a dynamic digital space.

Get immediate access to our proven training materials.

Learn Modern Strategies To Find And Recruit IT Candidates

Our course is NOT only about the "boring" IT terminology. Instead, you will learn how to recruit IT candidates using the right IT terminology.


More Than Just Terminology

Dive deeper than the typical jargon and acronyms. Our course ensures that you not only understand the essential IT terminologies but also know how to leverage them effectively during recruitment. Equip yourself with the language skills to resonate with IT candidates genuinely.

Master the Art of Boolean Searches

Gone are the days of aimless candidate searches. We train you to craft advanced Boolean search queries, elevating your candidate search efficiency to unprecedented levels. Pinpoint the perfect candidates by optimizing your search techniques to be swift, targeted, and effective.

Real-World Projects, Real Clients

Theory is essential, but practical experience is irreplaceable. Our course offers students the unparalleled opportunity to work on projects from actual clients. This isn't just hypothetical training; you'll be solving tangible recruitment challenges, ensuring that once you complete our course, you're not just knowledgeable – you're industry-ready.

Get immediate access to our proven training materials.