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Free Tech Recruiter Course

with Michal Juhas, the international tech recruitment expert, author, and YouTube content creator.


Learn How To Become a Tech Recruiter For Free

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Just take advantage of what we've already prepared:

  • Links To Great Resources

    Get links to the best free resources and the order to work through them to learn tech recruitment fast.

  • Projects & Exercises

    Start practicing on real-world recruitment projects.

  • Build Your Resume

    Get a resume template that actually works.

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn tips so you can get a better tech recruitment job.

  • Salary Guide

    Tech recruiter salary guide so you know how much money to ask for.

Free Course Curriculum

This is your chance to learn the basics and study on your own.

Step 1: Download eBooks

  • PDF eBook "Headhunt IT Talents"
  • PDF ebook "Recruitment Method Exposed"

Step 2: Learn Tech Recruitment In 60 Minutes

  • Learn common mistakes in Tech recruitment and how to avoid them
  • Learn the steps in full-cycle IT recruitment

Step 3: Learn The IT Roles

  • Learn the basic IT terminology
  • Learn the common IT roles
  • Learn what programming languages and software frameworks software engineers use

Step 4: Craft The Perfect Resume

  • Use our resume template and tips to update your resume for data analytics positions

Step 5: Leverage The Power Of LinkedIn

  • Update your LinkedIn to look professional
  • Optimize your LinkedIn so recruiters will start reaching out to you

Step 6: Know What Commissions To Ask For

  • Use our Commission Calculator and Salary Guide to understand what range to aim for so you can negotiate for the best possible salary and commission

Our Free Course &
Our Certificate Program

The free course and the paid course are two completely different things.

The free course is a list of free resources you can use to learn on your own, and the paid course is a standalone complete guide to learning data analytics with step-by-step details, data analytics software downloads, and real guided projects. The paid course was entirely created by Michal Juhas, including all the projects that you’ll do within it. Here’s a comparison:

How Do I Choose Which Course Is Right For Me?

If you want to learn tech recruitment skills for free and just need to be pointed toward the right resources, start with our Free Tech Recruitment Course. If you know you’ll need step-by-step guidance, you’ll be more successful with the Tech Recruiter Certificate Course. Both are for complete beginners!

Watch the video to learn more about the differences: