Your Recruiters Can "Speak Tech" And Screen IT Candidates In Only A Month!

ATTENTION: Managers, staffing agency owners, and sales managers:

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

Your recruiters cannot find enough IT candidates to fill their pipeline,
IT candidates are not responding to their messages on LinkedIn,
and even if they do, they are not interested!
You probably hire and onboard junior HR specialists who don't know much about IT
...and they don't feel confident when interacting with IT candidates as a result.

You Are Losing Time And Money!

Look, the IT job market has changed over the last few years.
IT candidates can work remotely for any company around the world...
which means lots of recruiters approach them with high-paid job offers.
If your recruiters don't use advanced sourcing tactics, they are just scratching the surface
...because sourcing frontend developers is more complex than you've probably thought!
And if they don't "speak tech language," they have little chance to get IT candidates' attention.

But Here's The Good News!

We've been working in IT and IT recruitment for the last 17 years.
Trained 30,000+ IT and HR professionals since 2016.
And consulted for international staffing agencies and their teams.
Recruiters from these amazing companies use our training to accelerate their onboarding,
get more clarity about IT roles such as a backend, fullstack, data engineer, DevOps or Cloud,
and learn new strategies on how to attract IT candidates with compelling messages.

Training On-site

Training Live On Zoom

Pre-recorded Sessions

Popular Mind Maps

Extensive Slide Decks

Engaging Worksheets

Your Team CAN Score More Victories, Too!

  • They can finally understand the technical Job Requirements,
  • ​Get closer to hiring managers and know what to ask them about the job description during an intake meeting,
  • ​Know what to ask during a screening or interview call with IT candidates,
  • ​Optimize Boolean search so recruiters find IT talents who match the requirements,
  • ​Understand the CVs of technical candidates,
  • And have unique recruitment challenges resolved once and for all!
If your team is like one of those we've been working with, you are by far not filling all the IT positions you could, as fast as you could!
...which means your recruitment and sales teams are missing out on commissions and bonuses!

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