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Start & Grow Agency Accelerator

Get access to industry experts, guest speakers, and invite-only Zoom calls to learn and discuss how to grow your agency.

Join The Accelerator To Get The Support To Grow Your Agency

Watch a video where Michal Juhas introduces the Start & Grow accelerator:

Start Growing Your Recruiting Business With Industry Experts

Join this accelerator to get access to industry experts, guest speakers, invite-only Zoom calls, private discussions, and recruitment industry market insights.

In the last few months, my team and I were receiving questions from fellow recruiters and business partners about getting new clients, promoting their services, and finding qualified IT candidates.

The potential in the IT recruitment industry is HUGE and all you may need at this point is guidance, mentoring, coaching, and a few new ideas.

That's why we at the Tech Recruitment Academy are launching a new group where we'll help the members grow their consulting business.

You can become a member today!

Would you like to start a recruiting agency anytime soon and you don't know how to get new clients on board?

Or would you like to increase your chances of placing IT candidates but you don't know how to manage both business development and recruiting at the same time?

Well, I think we can help!

We are looking for ten ambitious business professionals to help them THRIVE in this industry in 2023 and beyond.

And YOU can be one of them!

Recruiting business looks quite simple on the surface...

First, get new clients.

Second, find suitable candidates.

But it can become a nightmare if you haven't done it before and you're just learning on the go.

Plenty of people burned out while trying... and YOU DON'T WANT THAT, right?

And that's why you should join our new VIP support group called "Start & Grow Accelerator."

Join Today!

If you become a VIP member, you will get access to private Zoom calls and VIP training sessions with guest speakers where we will discuss different aspects of building a recruitment agency.

We'll focus especially on the following areas:

  • Online Marketing... so you can promote your recruiting services.
  • Lead Generation... so you can follow up with warm prospects.
  • Digital Sales... so you can sell recruiting services.
  • Talent Acquisition... so you build a valuable talent pool and don't need to start every search from scratch.
  • Productivity & Mindset... so you keep closing deals!
  • Building & Managing Your Team... so you don't do everything alone while also don't burn money on not-so-good colleagues.
  • KPIs... so you know what numbers to look at every day.

Download Our Brochure

Download a ready-to-print PDF catalog with an overview of our video courses and training programs and book a short video call to discuss which option is the best one for you.