"Learn How To Find IT Candidates, Screen Them And Engage...

...So You Can Fill IT Vacancies Quickly And Predictably, While Earning Decent Commissions Or Bonuses!"

 Important: Recruiters who want to fill more IT positions CAN NOT afford to miss this!

 Important: Recruiters who want to fill more IT positions CAN NOT afford to miss this!

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Secret #1:

Experience More Confidence While Talking To IT Candidates Which Means You No Longer Need To Worry About Looking Like A Fool

Secret #2:

Increase Your Conversion And Avoid Sending Hundreds Of Messages On LinkedIn Which Means You'll Have More Time For Face-to-face Interaction

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Discover The Key To Attracting More IT Candidates As You Learn To "Speak Their Language" So You Can Make Meaningful Small-talk

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Build Modern Recruitment Funnels That Attract IT Candidates While Boosting Your Credibility As A Recruitment Professional

Find More Potential IT Candidates

Dear fellow recruiter,

Would you like to fill more IT positions but cannot find the right candidates?

Here’s the biggest problem you face right now when it comes to maximizing your recruitment potential…
It’s the fact that you don’t believe in yourself as a recruiter – and that makes you avoid interactions with IT professionals.

You keep hiding behind the screen and send dozens or even hundreds of messages on LinkedIn every day…

But that’s not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

Because if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will and you’ll struggle to recruit IT candidates.

This means IT specialists will never take you seriously and will hesitate to respond to your emails and InMails…

Leaving you frustrated as you chase more and more IT folks.

And, worst of all, most recruitment professionals can’t get past the idea that speaking the same language with developers is nearly impossible without actually working in the IT industry.

But luckily for you, there’s now a solution to your problem!

Introducing… “The Tech Recruitment Academy”

“The Tech Recruitment Academy” Helps You:

Understand the IT world: Learn what technologies, programming languages, and software frameworks do IT specialists use at work…which means you know what to speak about next time you meet or call a candidate. 

Don’t worry about looking like a fool anymore!

Recognize the standard IT roles so you can quickly categorize candidates… This means you are no longer avoiding discussions with the hiring managers!

Experience instant confidence when interacting with any IT professional you meet…

Discover the strategies to attracting software developers and IT professionals to instantly become the envy of all the other recruiters…

Do it all without spending hours watching random YouTube videos and still not learn anything…

And without talking to random developers trying to learn from them only to realize you are stuck for yet another month with limited results…

By the way, right now you might be asking… who am I to help you with maximizing your recruitment potential?

Well, my name is Michal Juhas and I help recruitment professionals like you understand the IT world and recruit more IT candidates, with confidence.

I’ve been a CTO in a travel-tech company in the past. And today, I recruit senior IT candidates and train recruiters around the world.

Here’s the bottom line with maximizing YOUR recruitment potential…

The longer you wait, the higher the chance your ideal candidates will get recruited by another HR professional.

It’s never been easier than right now to learn about IT roles, learn to speak the tech language, and interact with IT candidates with confidence… than it is right now!

And let me ask you…

Isn't it frustrating when software developers are not responding to your messages?

Just imagine how many more software developers could you recruit if you knew how to attract them?

How much more in commissions could you earn if you could source and attract the right IT candidates and then match them with the right IT positions?

Don’t you want a companion, a mentor who would help you get to your next level in IT recruitment?

Join us now and let’s get this taken care of once and for all…

Because we "extract knowledge" from the heads of CTOs and IT hiring managers and show you how can you apply it in your recruitment activities.

Best of all? … You’ll start seeing results with “The Tech Recruitment Academy” in a single afternoon…

And it costs less than a cup of coffee a day.

So again, if you are a recruiter or an HR specialist who wants to recruit IT professionals predictably and with confidence…

Get Onboard With The Tech Recruitment Academy Now!

Join The Tech Recruitment Academy Today

And Start Interacting With Technical Candidates And Software Developers Without The Fear Of Looking Like A Fool

Clear Learning Path

Progress step by step through our proven path to understand the IT concepts necessary when you are recruiting IT candidates... or jump to topics that are of your interest right here, right now.

IT Explained In Human Language

Easy to understand explanations with real-life examples accompanied with worksheets, mind maps, and slide handouts that you can print out and fill in which means you can keep them on your desk for future reference.

300+ Video Lessons

Bite-sized videos (3-7 min long) with senior IT managers available on-demand so you can watch them anytime, anywhere during the day, even during the shortest coffee-break... which means you don't need to schedule lengthy time blocks in your calendar.

Step-by-step Method

Get an ebook and a webinar replay that will guide you step-by-step in your recruitment journey. Keep it as a reference guide on your desk together with our mind maps.
"It's The Best Digital Support Platform For International Tech Recruiters"

Join The Tech Recruitment Experts To Learn How To Source, Screen and Close International IT Candidates Predictably And Without Anxiety.


  • ​Backend developers
  • ​Frontend developers
  • ​Fullstack developers
  • ​Web developers
  • ​JavaScript devs
  • ​PHP or C# devs
  • ​Scrum Masters
  • CTOs
  • Data engineers
  • Product managers
  • Software testers
  • ​VPs of Engineering
  • Database admins
  • ​Business analysts
  • ​System analysts
  • Java developers
  • IT support specialists
  • ​UX designers
  • ​UI designers
  • ...and many more!
Hundreds Of Recruiters From Well-known International Agencies Have Been Trained And Supported Already:
...and this is what they say:
Join The Tech Recruitment Academy To Start Interacting With Tech Candidates Even If You've Never Worked In IT And You Don't Know The IT Terminology Yet!

But Wait, That's Not All...

PLUS: You Also Get:

Training Materials

Checklists, worksheets, e-books, and mind maps we've used to train IT recruiters all over the world.

Webinar Replays

Get recordings of our best webinars so you know how to source software developers and IT professionals.

Support Group

A supportive community of fellow IT recruiters who want to see you thrive... and are happy to give you a hand!

Discounts To Other Products

As a fellow member of our community, you get special VIP discounts to our future products, materials, classes.

As A Member Of This Academy, You'll Get All This:

1. Bi-Weekly Mentoring Calls

Live Zoom Calls With International Tech Recruitment Experts

  • Hands-on best practices and insights on how to source and recruit IT professionals
  • Learn from the IT & IT recruitment experts who have hired, fired, and recruited lots of IT professionals
  • ​Join us Live, ask questions, and get answers and suggestions on what can you improve right away

2. Access To Video Courses

Over 25 Video Courses Specifically Created For Tech Recruiters

  • Stop wasting your time! Learn the essential IT terminology step-by-step. 
  • Everything explained in a human language!
  • 300+ bite-sized video lessons to help you become the best Tech recruiter in town.

3. Sourcing Webinars

Join Our Weekly Sourcing Webinars To Learn How To Find IT Candidates

  • Learn how to find highly qualified candidates 
  • Understand who is a good match and who is NOT
  • Watch our Tech recruitment experts source candidates Live, ask questions, and get answers right away!

4. Booklets & eBooks

Get The Materials You Need To Thrive In Tech Recruitment

  • Clear Job Requirements (eBook)
  • Recruiter's Guide To Confident Interviews (eBook)
  • Recruitment Method Exposed (eBook)
  • Headhunt More IT Talents (eBook)
  • Professional IT Recruitment (eBook)

5. Mind Maps

Get The Best-Selling Mind Maps!

  • Thousands of recruiters around the world use these mind maps to understand the IT landscape
  • Use them to prepare for a call with a hiring manager or a candidate

6. Step-by-step Program

Join The Next Group Of 20 Tech Recruiters – Every Month

  • Become a professional, certified recruiter in only three weeks!
  • ​Live (real-time) calls with Michal Juhas on Zoom
  • ​Additional self-study e-learning content
  • Get a certificate of completion

7. Our Clients' IT Vacancies

Start Recruiting For Our International Clients

  • Join our job board and start submitting your candidates... so you can earn commissions right away!
  • International IT vacancies
  • ​You can earn very generous commissions ranging from USD 2,000 up to USD 12,000 for a successfully placed candidate.

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  • Get new mind maps FREE
  • ​Get a selected eBook every month FREE
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  • ​Join our special Sourcing Webinars
  • ​Get all our training materials – eBooks, mind maps, and worksheets (value €139)
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  • ​Get a VIP ticket to our next Tech Recruitment Program  with a group of 20 recruiters – value €449
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ATTENTION: You're missing out on commissions and bonuses if you cannot effectively analyze JDs and match with IT candidates.

How Many More Vacancies Could YOU Fill If You Understood IT Terminology And Could Engage With Tech Candidates?

Recruiters From Around The World Have Learned These Essential Strategies To Source And Recruit More IT Candidates!

My Name Is Michal Juhas And I've Been Recruiting IT Professionals For Over Nine Years

I have co-founded companies in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Slovakia. The biggest one, where I served as a CTO and tech lead, has reached $70m in annual gross booking volume. 
Today, my team and I specialize in Tech Recruitment. Our clients include San Francisco-based  startups, international corporations, as well as European scale-ups.

We believe IT recruiters need to continuously learn about IT in order to be successful in their jobs and that's why we've trained over 30,000 IT & HR professionals – some of them are from the largest staffing organizations like Manpower, Experis, and Accenture.

But if you think it's just about recruitment services, you're missing the point. What we are really about is helping impactful businesses establish high-performing software teams so they can make the world a better place.

That's why we're building the Global Talents Hub where IT professionals get inspired to work on meaningful projects and get connected with hiring managers who work on the most interesting global challenges.

Our goal is really simple; to help CTOs get the right IT professionals on board so they can focus on global challenges such as climate change, education, wealth inequality, or poverty.
"How to write compelling Job Ads."
"Understand the technology map."
"Use GitHub to source SW developers."
"This is how to recruit Frontend developers."
"Follow these three strategies."

Recommendations From Trustpilot:

"A lot of relevant material shared"
"I'm excited about Michal's training"
"100% must-have for recruiters"
"Extremely useful"
"The best material for IT staffing"
"unparalleled support"
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"TOP IT recruitment program"
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"I feel confident to recruit candidates worldwide"
"Highly recommended"
"IT mapping skills are amazing"
"Tons of useful content for IT recruiters"
"I feel more confident now"
"great course for recruiters in IT"
"very productive experience"
"great for HR and tech leaders"

Feedback From Our Members:

Sansary says...

Sansary says...

"This is one hub where I can go through the materials, read everything, and it saved me a lot of time." Everything Michal is explaining is very clear and easy to digest." 
–Sansary, recruiter, Singapore

Elena says...

Elena says...

"I really like the program, the materials. We started connecting with recruiters from the group. I'm really satisfied, you guys are doing a great job!" 
–Elena, recruiter, Russia
"I really like the program, the materials. We started connecting with recruiters from the group. I'm really satisfied, you guys are doing a great job!" 
–Elena, recruiter, Russia

Jozef says...

Jozef says...

"Since I'm talking to a lot of IT people, I often get lost in all the technology. My motivation was to get deeper understanding about the technologies and be able to filter out the CV. The way Michal presented was catchy and engaging." 
–Jozef, recruiter, Slovakia

Maria says...

Maria says...

"I had very little technical knowledge so with this course I was able to lay down a strong foundation. Michal is great because he's got the best from both worlds... It was an eye-opener!" 
–Maria, recruiter, Spain
"I had very little technical knowledge so with this course I was able to lay down a strong foundation. Michal is great because he's got the best from both worlds... It was an eye-opener!" 
–Maria, recruiter, Spain

Malay says...

Malay says...

"I've been in the IT industry for 20 years. ... It went perfectly, very well organized, and I like the mind maps a lot!" 
–Malay, recruiter, Canada

Luis says...

Luis says...

"I was able to learn about the IT positions that I am working on. I'm able to speak more confidently with the candidates over the phone and explain certain positions." –Luis Tello, recruiter, Budapest (Hungary)
"I was able to learn about the IT positions that I am working on. I'm able to speak more confidently with the candidates over the phone and explain certain positions." –Luis Tello, recruiter, Budapest (Hungary)

Szilvia says...

Szilvia says...

"All of the roles I met and struggled with last year were covered. Now I feel I have an overall picture about these IT roles and I will be able to ask relevant questions from both candidates and hiring managers." –Szilvia Blasko, recruiter, Budapest (Hungary)
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