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Learn how to "speak tech" with IT candidates even if you've never worked in IT. Quickly look up the right IT keywords to sound like a Pro!

"The IT World Is So Complicated Yet I'm Supposed To Find ITCandidates!"


Hi! I'm Michal Juhas, a Tech Recruiter who used to struggle with the IT keywords I saw on candidates' resumes.

Like many Tech recruiters, I was also overwhelmed with the programming languages, software frameworks, and tools that IT professionals use at work.

And that's me AFTER working in IT for over 18 years!

How are we supposed to find and interview candidates when there are so many IT keywords?!

One day I created a mind map with keywords related to DevOps... because I was about to interview a DevOps candidate.

It went well! Soon, I created a second mind map.

Then third, fourth, ... and once I started sharing them with colleagues, it took off the ground 🔥

Suddenly everyone wanted to start using the mind maps to look up important IT keywords, but they were working on other positions.

So, I created more and more mind maps... and now we have 72!

To help fellow recruiters further, I even recorded video tutorials explaining each mind map.

If you also feel overwhelmed with the IT terminology, programming languages, software frameworks, and tools that IT professionals use every day, I've got something special for you:

The "IT Recruiter Mind Maps" PDF eBook:

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You can now see the essential IT vocabulary beautifully visualized in one place so that you can structure your thoughts and look up the right keywords before your next call with an IT candidate, hiring manager, or colleague.

Keep these proven mind maps on your desk to quickly look up technologies, programming languages, libraries, and frameworks relevant to IT roles and candidates you are looking for.

Here's a short video about how to use these mind maps:

1. The eBook

Get this beautiful PDF containing over 70 incredibly visual mind maps that cover the most common IT roles and the whole IT world as well!

Detailed Overview Of The IT Roles
Page 13 + video tutorial


How To Get More IT Candidates
Page 19 + video tutorial


Recruiting Data Engineers
Page 62 + video tutorial


Recruiting IT Product Managers
Page 74 + video tutorial


Must-know IT Terms (for recruiters & HR specialists)
Page 10 + video tutorial


Deep-dive: DevOps
Page 55 + video tutorial


Recruiting Full-stack JavaScript Developers
Page 44 + video tutorial


Programming Languages & Software Frameworks
Page 42 + video tutorial


70+ High-Quality Mind Maps Include Everything You Need To Find And Interview IT Candidates:

Part 1: Starting From Scratch

  • Must-know IT Terminology
  • ​IT Acronyms From JDs And CVs ​IT Roles Categorization
  • ​Detailed Overview Of The IT Roles
  • Software Development – Lifecycle
  • ​Software Development – Landscape
  • Software Development –Hard Skills
  • Software Development – Must-have Skills

Part 2: Recruiting Strategies

  • ​How to get more IT candidates
  • ​​What are the Software Developers interested in?
  • Developer Personas
  • Company Stereotypes
  • How To “Sell” Opportunities To Candidates
  • ​Job Requirement Analysis
  • ​How To Pitch Technical Job Opportunities
  • ​How to make boring jobs sound more exciting

Part 3: IT Candidate Psychology

  • ​How to “sell” IT vacancies to Software Engineers?
  • How to “sell” IT vacancies to QA Testing Specialists?
  • ​How to “sell” IT vacancies to Data Engineers?
  • ​How to “sell” IT vacancies to Product Managers?
  • How to “sell” IT vacancies to IT Managers?
  • ​How to “sell” IT vacancies to Security Engineers?

Part 4: IT Talent Sourcing

  • ​​Introduction to Boolean Search
  • ​Boolean Search Examples
  • ​Boolean Search – Full-stack Java React Engineer
  • ​Boolean Search – Frontend React Engineer

Part 5: Software Development Overview

  • Software Development With JavaScript
  • ​Software Development with Java
  • ​Software Development with C# .NET
  • ​Software Development with PHP
  • ​Software Development & Data Engineering with Python

Part 6: Recruiting Software Developers

  • Web Development –Simplified
  • ​Web Development – Detailed
  • ​Mobile Application Development - iOS Platform
  • ​Mobile Application Development - Android Platform ​Desktop
  • Application Development
  • ​Enterprise Application Development
  • ​Programming Languages & Frameworks
  • ​Common Usage Of Languages & Frameworks ​Recruiting Frontend
  • Web Developers
  • ​Recruiting Full-Stack JavaScript/TypeScript Developers ​Recruiting
  • Backend C# Web Developers
  • ​Recruiting Backend Java Web Developers
  • ​Recruiting Full-Stack PHP Web Developers
  • ​Recruiting SharePoint Developers
  • ​Recruiting SAP Developers

Part 7: Recruiting DevOps And Cloud Engineers

  • ​​​Cloud Computing Overview
  • ​DevOps Overview
  • ​Azure Cloud Overview
  • ​Recruiting DevOps Engineers

Part 8: Recruiting Data & BI Specialists

  • ​​​​Data Skills Overview
  • ​Databases & Data Roles Overview
  • Recruiting Data Analysts
  • ​Recruiting Data Engineers

Part 9: Recruiting Network & Admin Specialists

  • ​​​​Recruiting Linux Administrators
  • Recruiting Network Engineers
  • ​Recruiting System Administrators

Part 10: Recruiting Other IT Roles

  • ​​​​​Testing & Quality Assurance (QA) Overview
  • Overview ​IT Support & HelpDesk Overview
  • ​CyberSecurity Overview
  • ​Recruiting Business Analysts
  • ​Recruiting Chief Information Security Officers
  • Recruiting Functional Application Managers
  • Recruiting Information Managers
  • ​Recruiting IT Product Managers / Product Owners
  • Recruiting Project Managers

2. Video Tutorials

The eBook will teach you a ton, but there are some things best learned by watching an expert do it themselves. We’ve put together 34 video tutorials that walk through the essential IT terminology and also how to use the it to find qualified candidates for high-tech companies.

Mind Map: Common IT Roles

Mind Map: Programming Languages

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  • The 40+ mind maps in PDF format
  • ​All 35 video tutorials

The "Professional" Package




  • The 40+ mind maps in PDF format
  • ​All 35 video tutorials
  • eBook "Clear Job Requirements"
  • eBook "Confident Interviews With IT Candidates"
  • ​eBook "Powerful Messages To IT Candidates"

The "Complete" Package




  • The 40+ mind maps in PDF format
  • ​All 35 video tutorials
  • eBook "Clear Job Requirements"
  • eBook "Confident Interviews With IT Candidates"
  • ​eBook "Powerful Messages To IT Candidates"
  • Video course "Essential IT Terminology For IT Recruiters" with 4.5 hours of professional content used by staffing agencies in the US, CA, UK, and EU

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