Nov 15, 2023, LIVE Training

Join Our Latest And Most Detailed Case Study To Learn Tech Recruitment Tips & Tricks

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Become a Pro in sourcing IT and engineering candidates! Join our next training to learn how we filled KD100 vacancy, a Senior Project Engineer, step-by-step:

Offer Sent KD100

Unique Step-By-Step Case Study

During the LIVE training, you will learn exactly what we did to get this candidate hired:


Nov 15, 2023 on Zoom

Join This LIVE Training To Learn: 

Step 1: The Job Description

  • Learn how to analyze a job description from the hiring manager... so that you know who exactly you should be looking for.
  • Discover what questions to ask the hiring manager... so you sound professional during the intake meeting.
  • Update the job description to be more appealing... so that candidates get excited about this new opportunity.
  • Get access to the exact JDs before and after.

Step 2: Qualification Questions

  • Learn how to write clear self-assessment qualification questions... so you know who to invite for a screening video call.
  • Get access to screenshots of the questions used.

Step 3: Screening Call Preparation

  • Explore new ways to prepare a detailed template with questions for the candidate interview... so you can screen the candidate properly.
  • Get access to the template used during the call.
  • Listen to snippets of the audio interview where Michal asked those questions.

Step 4: Talent Sourcing

  • Master the advanced sourcing strategies and keywords so that you can find the right candidates faster and easier.
  • Get access to all the Booleans we used to find suitable candidates.

Step 5: Candidate Engagement

  • Learn how to effectively message candidates such as the one who was hired... so you can increase your conversions and productivity.
  • Get access to message screenshots that were sent to the candidates (including the one who got hired!).

Step 6: Candidate Report

  • Discover how to screen candidates properly and write a valuable candidate report during and after the screening call.
  • Get access to a PDF of the screening report.

Step 7: Interview Preparation

  • Learn how we prepare and coach candidates before their calls with hiring managers... so you can decrease no-shows and increase placements.

Step 8: Offer Negotiation

  • Discover ways to help candidates negotiate a better offer... so your commission increases as well!
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